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  1. Notes from bariatric surgery orientation, surgeon Dr. Mark C. Takata, Scripps Hospital, 9/16/2019

    This is my intrepretation from the orientation. There may be content errors; consult with your surgeon if anything is different from what you've heard.

    1. Marcia (mar-see-a) Chavez is the go-to person on insurance and what to do next steps.

    2. Dr. Takata really enjoys being a bariatric surgeon because:
    a. Bariatric surgery makes a giant impact on the lives of patients, more than many other areas, and akin to the impact that organ transplantation has
  2. Scheduled for Orientation!!!

    I'm so excited!!!! I am scheduled for my Surgery Orientation (class) next Tuesday the 29th!!!!! I can not WAIT! I feel like this is the first REAL step to getting my sleeve!!! The last class at Kaiser really just told me stuff I already knew. Don't get me wrong.. It was really good information, I'd just done HELLA research on the subject and literally knew everything that they covered.

    I know this wont be the case with this class because it's going to be more specific about ...