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  1. 5 Days out

    I am 5 days out from my surgery, I feel pretty good. the first few days with the Narcotics for pain made me feel like super woman!, On Mothers day I was really shaky, I called my surgeon and asked if I could discontinue the liquid narcotic and switch to liquid tylenol. He said that would be fine.
    Since it was mothers day, my Step bro and wife had the family gathering at their place. they only live mile from here, so we went to visit. It was nice to see everyone, but I ran out of ...
  2. average weight lose after suirgery

    Can someone tell me if not eating enough calories can cause you not to lose weight with sleeve? I am stuck for 5 days with a good weight lose of 29 lbs since surgery April 5 but I would like to see it go further.

    Please help me understand and point me to another direction
  3. post op feet swelling.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I had my surgery May 5, I feel great getting my walking in and trying to get all my fluids in, but my feet are swollen. Has anyone had this? Should I call the Dr. or is this normal? I know my abdomen is swollen as well. I know this swelling is normal. Let me know if anyone has had post op feet swelling.
  4. Staples

    I was just wondering what happens to the staples they use on your stomach. do they dissolve or just stay there and what material are they made of?
  5. Can you regain weight with the sleeve

    Quote Originally Posted by haze81 View Post
    Im considering getting the gastric sleeve procedure done in Australia, I always regain weight after big losses, so I thought that maybe a sleeve would fix this, unfortunatly I have to wait until march 2012, bit of a bummer I turned 30 2 weeks ago and wanted it this year.
    Im worried if I get it done ill lose weight and regain it like always, im an emoational eater as well.
    Does anyone know if this can happen with the gastric sleeve procedure?