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  1. 9 months

    Not long ago i seen my Dr and he said congrats you have surpassed my expectations... I'm now a new and improved Christine no more problems with my knees no pain in my feet no reflux and gone is the onset of diabetics.
    Ive now dropped 34kg and gone from a size 20 to a size 10/12... i went on holidays not long ago and wore a bikini and felt great.My weight loss has been slow but its been exactly what i wanted.. im now going to the gym and doing strength training..Click image for larger version. 

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  2. My hubby just told me I am all "skin and bones"

    I'm approaching my 8 month 'surgeversary'
    I am down 111lbs since being sleeved.
    I have been consistently loosing. I did stall back in the beginning but ever since I broke through that stall the scale has gone down. My goals have been met quicker then I ever imagined. In the beginning I was hopeful, yet doubtful, that I would reach my goal of 145lbs by my 1 yr mark. I have lost fast, medically I'm doing great. My BP is perfect, iron count is good etc. I have energy, I actually run around ...
  3. It's my one year sleeve anniversary!!!

    Today marks one year post op!!! I'm down 111lbs! I can't believe it! This year went by so fast! A year a go I was just trying to get through a week at a time and before I knew it a year had passed! I'm so happy with the life I got back! I'm just 9 lbs from my goal weight but I gained back so many other of my more important goals, I have more energy, I don't need to nap everyday just to get through a day, I don't drink 10 cups of coffee, I actually am able to play play with my son on a play ground ...
  4. 1 day prep....it was tough

    I made it though surgery no problems bit the naseua and cramps but behind. She finally used some steroids to stop the swelling g which qas aggravating the gas and naseua
    Once the pain passed I was able to get my two isopure done as well as crushed pills. Earlier the Dr wanted one more night
    I just asked if I could go now, I'm feeling really quite good. We'll see.
  5. 10 weeks out. Lost 25lbs. Able to eat. Working out 2-3 days a week.

    Hi everyone.. So I wanted to tell everyone that I have only lost 25 lbs since my surgery 5/29/15.. I'm starting to get worried too. I work out religiously with a trainer twice a week and some weeks I add a day of just weight trading with my hubby. I am one of those who is able to eat nearly anything.. I only eat very little but am hungry again 2 hours later. I am still doing the protein shakes but have only been drinking 1.5 a day.. I can't seem to drink water like I used to. I don't know what I'm ...