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  1. Surgery on Friday!!

    After meeting with two new surgeons in May, I saw again one of those two on Monday, but at the same time also organized an appointment with an other "rescue" surgeon, but this time working in a private hospital.
    Long story short, I always preferred going for public hospitals but couldn't cope any longer!!

    When the fourth surgeon (public) said "it was going to be complicated and I needed to do more exams" ....then she said I was going to have surgery in October ...
  2. Almost down 130 Pounds!

    I got on the scale this morning and nearly went into shock! I haven't been this low a weight since 1977... I am 4 pounds away from what I weighed walking down the aisle when I got married... and I was thin back then. I am thin now and have to do double takes, still, when I see the scale numbers or see myself in the mirror.

    I have stuck to my new way of eating and have allowed myself to have a scoop of ice cream here and there, and occasionally I will have bread or something I don't ...
  3. 2016!

    In havenít posted in a long time, I enjoyed reading everyoneís post. Iím 3 years 2 months post op. Iím still maintaining my weight. This was the best decision Iíve ever made!!! If youíre struggling with saying yes to the sleeve, donít second guess yourself, just do it.
  4. Pain in left shoulder!!

    Has anyone on here ever experienced the gas settling into the shoulder? I woke with it like that yesterday and it is still there today. At first I thought it was a muscle strain from getting in those hospital beds and pulling myself up. But I really think it is the gas settling there because if I hold my arm and take a deep breath it doesnít hurt but if I take one without holding it it is excruciating. Anyone have any ideas? I donít know if I can go another day like this!!
  5. Feeling better everyday!

    I am three days post op and am doing better than I thought I would. I have little to no pain in the incision sites and the gas is finally going away. However I must have messed my shoulder up trying to pull myself up in that hospital bed. At first I thought it was gas but I really think I stressed the muscle. Ice and heat help . But all in all I am doing good.
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