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  1. Emotional Breakdown in Macy’s

    So I went to Macy’s yesterday to return some items I had purchased online that did not work out. After returning the items I did a lap around the clearance racks and found some other clothes I wanted to try on and ended up in the dressing room. These days I never know what will fit me, since my size seems to change every couple weeks, so I grabbed several size ranges in clothes. I am four months out from surgery and have been doing good losing the weight. I’m a pear shape and have been buying ...
  2. Superbug! Help!

    Quote Originally Posted by cathycov View Post
    I am scheduled through weight loss agents with Dr. Almanza March 11 and just received a message from them saying grandview hospital is closed. The cdc has closed them down! They still have me scheduled but at a different hospital. Now I am COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT! Advice? What would you do in my shoes? Plane tickets already purchased from Mississippi $1200 for me and my husband who’s accompanying me.Also surgery is already paid for. Here’s the message they sent me......

    The Weight
  3. Calorie and starvation questions?

    I was diagnosed last week with pancreatitis and a kidney infection. When I went to have a check up with my surgeon on Friday and he and I were reviewing things he told me I need to be in the 900-1000 calorie a day range. I was floored.

    I was finally about yesterday to hit all my marks with calories, all vitamins, water and even managed to get in 15,000 steps.

    I am wondering if my lower calorie intake is the reason I am stalled once again?

    I was stalled ...
  4. 2015!!

    Just wanted to check in because it has been so long!! I had my surgery 4/2015😮 and I am still doing great!!! Just wanted to share a positive reassuring post for Dr Almanza ❤️
  5. Another day

    I been siting here reading a lot. and thought I would just give my thoughts for the night. I'm now back on track with my weight loss, I have so for lost 4lb. which is good. As I've said in another post, I never meet my goal weight out of the whole 6yrs. But this time I am on it and I will get there for the first time (YYEEESSS).
    I did set my tracker but I should have set it as a restart, however I'm thinking why not remind myself of where I was a few year back. Then watch and work to get ...