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  1. Frustrated with food! Happy with my success!

    Hello all,

    It has been quite a while since I have posted. My apologies! Been super busy with school! I wish to update everyone on where I am weight wise. I am currently at 129 lbs. Just 9 lbs shy of my goal weight. I have not had any issues with my weight loss at all. No stumbling blocks, etc. I constantly keep it moving. I exercise daily. I started Cizing it Up with Shaun T from Beachbody. Hot dance moves and very fun to do! I love it!

    I am 5 months post op and my ...
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  2. The last supper?

    I love food...the colors, textures, flavors and different ways to prepare and enjoy food. Guess you can say i am a foodie. I am also aware that my relationship with food will have to change to be successful not only in the amount of food I eat, but the type of foods I eat. I am ok with that because I know it comes with the territory of having the sleeve but in the last week realizing this, I have been indulging myself in those meals and the foods I will probably be able to never eat again in certain ...
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  3. Happy about gaining!!!

    Hello friends!!

    On Wednesday, I was not that happy when the scale showed a 4 pounds gain. So grand total was 24 pounds, I could see it was spiraling, I usually never take cortisone that long and since I felt better decided to stop the treatment.

    I saw the pneumologist yesterday, had tests, and she confirmed my lungs are healing!!
    I gained back I liter!!! yeah!!! so happy for once about gaining!!!

    But after the tests, she said she wanted to increase ...
  4. How fast should I be losing weight?

    I had surgery on December 17th and have only lost around 13 pounds, should I be concerned that it's not enough? Is it true that drinking water and the right amount of protein helps lose weight? Any tips to help me do better?
  5. 4 years later

    Wow. 4 years!
    It's been way too long since I've been on here so for those of you who don't know me, Hi! I'm Teri. I started the process in May 2014. Luckily all I had to pay for was my nuitrionist. Insurance did the rest.
    My BMI was right at 40. I was 255lbs at 5'7"
    I went in on December 30th 2014 with the hope of waking up skinny (not really, but it would be nice) instead I had the pleasure of waking up feeling like my stomach was moving around in a painful way and vomiting ...