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  1. Can you regain weight with the sleeve

    Quote Originally Posted by haze81 View Post
    Im considering getting the gastric sleeve procedure done in Australia, I always regain weight after big losses, so I thought that maybe a sleeve would fix this, unfortunatly I have to wait until march 2012, bit of a bummer I turned 30 2 weeks ago and wanted it this year.
    Im worried if I get it done ill lose weight and regain it like always, im an emoational eater as well.
    Does anyone know if this can happen with the gastric sleeve procedure?
  2. April sleevers - meet here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Minnie Mouse View Post
    I'm doing April 11th in TJ with Dr. Almanza. Is anyone else going then? I would love to plan to meet you there! LOL
    Hey Minnie Mouse...I have been searching for you. How are you? Its me...Judy
  3. New to forum - Ready to start my life!

    Hello! I've read these forums for a long while now, and am so excited to begin my journey! I've been meeting with a nutritionist and only have a couple more visits before my surgery is scheduled.
    I've been heavy all my life. I used to be very active, loved to exercise and was comfortable in my body... then... I gained 100 pounds with my first pregnancy 5 years ago. I managed to lose 50 pounds, just to get pregnant again with twins! Gained another 100 pounds, and here I am!
    I ...
  4. On my Journey!

    Quote Originally Posted by shurta1 View Post
    Hello all my Sleeved friends,

    I have not been sleeved just as yet...I am scheduled for surgery on May 9, 2011. So far, pre-op I have lost 7 pounds and counting. This is my first major surgery and hoping on much success in the future.
  5. Mussshhyyy!!!

    I start on mushy food this Monday. I am excited and scared. I just need to know if there is anything OFF LIMITS? Can I puree red beans? Also is this when I should be watching how much I eat? Should I be sticking to 3-4 oz of food or less and how many times a day should I be eating. Any additional information would be great. I am very detailed so details make me happy!