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  1. Ugh....

  2. tough day today... :OS

    by , 05-19-2011 at 12:59 AM (My Weight Loss Journey since May 12th 2011)
    like it slapped me.... the Hungries, it didnt seem to matter what I put in protein wise I was hungry... my litl tummy was a growln and so was I .... LOL
    I hope this doesnt happen constantly now what good is cutting out your stomach if the litl stomach you have is carnivorus, JK but seriously !
    and no it really didnt help puttn extra water or tea or smoothies in it. /
    I guess being overweight and gettn the food when I wanted it put my stomach on overtime but ;o{ grrrrrrr ...
  3. No News Like Great News::

    by , 05-18-2011 at 11:36 AM (My Weight Loss Journey since May 12th 2011)
    ;0) heellooo
    Im doing good!
    Ive lost 15 lbs so far post-op, my Blood sugars have been hangn at 150 and im on only my Metformin, occassionaly a small amt of long actin insulin.
    My BPs have come down to minimum of 115/70 to highest 137/75
    So all my numbers have greatly reduced an meds as well, i was on 4 blood pressr meds(now 1) an 5 Blood sugars meds ( now 1by mouth an 1 inj only as needed)
    Im healn fast, no pain, still feeln tired an some muscle fatigue due to ...
  4. Trouble Keeping Food Down Or Actually Eating?

    Hi Family,

    Just has surgery on 5/6/11, Besides having to deal with the tremendous pain and discomfort, I am having alot of trouble eating. Everytime I "eat" whether its water, activia, jello, or broth, I get the only pain because I feel the "food" is stuck and will not move along into my new stomach pouch. Can someone please help me? Have any of you gone through this? Is this gas, am I to be eating a different way? I feel as if I a suffering from a heart attack, ...
  5. Trouble Keeping Food Down Or Actually Eating?