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  1. My Memorial Day Weekend in a Nutshell

    I had the absolute best long weekend. Made lots of good choices and ate right but also enjoyed life to the fullest.
    I had Friday off for my yearly mammogram (family history and all). So that is how I started my day. Then came home and did a few things. Exercised. Went to the pool and relaxed for 2 hours. Hung out with my lovely family that night.
    Saturday slept in slightly. (7 am. LOL.) Worked out. Made lunch for some good friends...one has Celiac disease so I was stressed ...
  2. Excited

    I'm all paid! Ready to go!! Plane tickets paid, surgery paid in full, Passport card paid and should arrive this week! Preop diet started. I'm soo excited!
  3. 7 weeks post op today!

    7 weeks have passed since I had my sleeve and what a journey with lots of ups and downs so far. I have lost 22.8kg ( 50.16 pounds or 31/2 stone) and feel like a new person, even though I have allot more to lose. I have had some fantastic days where I have felt on top of the world and some days where i wish I had't had the surgery. This week was one of the weekends where I wish I had not had surgery, as I had major problems with my bowels. TG it is all sorted now and I feel back to normal. I am ...
  4. A Staggering Realization

    Ive been spending time really focusing on my caloric intake and the types/quantities of foods I am consuming, and I must admit that thus far, the results have been staggering.

    Basing my post-operative caloric intake at 8 months at approximately 1,000 calories, what I am finding is that I am burning through nearly half of my daily allowance by noon simply by having a small breakfast and a cup of coffee the primary culprit in this situation being the coffee (or rather, the creamer ...
  5. Grateful! Fortunate! Healthy!

    A little over 7 months ago I weighed 290 pounds. Today I weigh 193, which is more or less optimal for my 6-foot frame. Losing 97 pounds has been maybe the best thing that's ever happened to me. I feel better physically, and I have newfound confidence in my ability to accomplish my goals.

    For as long as I can remember I've been on/off countless different weight loss programs where I'd lose the weight and gain back double. I'm really fortunate to have had the surgery with Dr. Fielding ...