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  1. Clscandy

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    Hi! This is my first post. I am just starting the gastric sleeve journey. I will be having pre- op testing this week. I have no surgery date.
    I meet with physiologist and nutritionist on the 18 th of November. I have lots of questions and this seems to be the place for answers.
    I feel like I am too old. I turned 70 in August . But the doctor said I am a perfect candidate. I am really pretty healthy,besides being overweight. I have arthritis and thyroid disease. I would just love to
  2. nervous about the pain after surgery

    I am so nverous about the pain after surgery, how bad is it really?
  3. Met My First Weight-Loss Goal

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to give everyone an update, I have met my first weight goal. My goal was to reach 175, and I am officially 173.6 lbs !!! Even though my weight loss stopped for one month, due to my hospitalization, I don't think that is bad at all. In a sense, I loss this weight in 2 months instead of 3 months after my surgery. Down officially, 53lbs since my starting weight-pre-op weight, down 58 lbs from my highest weight (231).
    My second weight loss goal is to reach 150 lbs. Lets ...
  4. Finally Onederland!,,

    I'm so happy I'm in Onederland today. I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed me a number I can't remember seeing since 1982. Today I weighed in at 197 lbs. I started my weight loss journey being banded at 357lbs and losing 100 lbs. When I started to have trouble with my band I converted to a sleeve. Since then I have lost 60lbs for a total weight loss of 160 lbs. I feel really great and my advise to anyone looking into surgery go with the vsg not the band. Inspired today to keep on going ...
  5. Just keep swimming!

    I'm just chugging along! My weight loss has slowed way way down but I am not gaining and I am not a slave to calories anymore so I must say I am pretty happy. I am going on vacation to an all inclusive with my hubby friday for 8 days so I expect to gain a little bit but Im not too worried about it. Im a pound away from my goal and I feel great.

    I went shopping and got some jeans and I know all jeans fit a bit differently but I got some size 6 and size 4. FOUR BABY!!!! In Feb I was ...