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  1. Trying to stop the PPI...again...and surprise!

    On Wednesday, I realized that my GP was off on holidays, and since I was not going to wait until next week, I spoke to the nurse, and decided to give a try to the H2(Zantac).
    It's been three days, I did lower my carbs a bit, but not that much...and surprise!!
    6 pounds lower!!!
    So I won't jump up and down right now since it has to be showing up several times on the scale to be "real" and not just water retention getting better...
    But the encouraging thing : ...
  2. New whale...new scale...

    The last past months since October feel like it's been one setback after an other.

    And with many issues pilling up, one that sub-stain hard and strong is weight regain. I feel like a whale again.

    After I was done with months of prednisone, I was hoping in February to see my weight go down, like it did since the sleeve. One week of prednisone would make me gain like 5 kgs (5 months out) but 3 weeks later it was all gone! same thing happened when I was like 18 months ...
  3. Fed BCBS anyone? Approved/Denied?

    Hey guys! Iím new here. Iím scheduled for sleeve surgery this Thursday, the 25th. However.....we are STILL waiting on my insurance approval!!! Nothing like cutting it close. Just wondering if anyone has Fed BCBS insurance and if you got denied, what was the reason? Or if you got approved, how long did it take? My insurance coordinator submitted everything last Monday but I have a bad feeling Iím going to be denied....
  4. Veggies or no veggies...

    Katrina made an interesting post about apples a few days ago, I will share my last experiment with veggies. So weird....I don't know what's going on!

    Before the sleeve, I had a hard time eating veggies, because my kind of IBS couldn't stand fibers, so I was limited in my choices.

    Post sleeve, for some mysterious reasons, I was able to eat many more veggies!! My IBS was almost gone!
    But a few veggies I liked and could eat before sleeve with no issue (cruciferous: ...
  5. 3 years out

    I will be celebrating my 37th birthday next month and I must say the gastric sleeve saved my life!! Definitely a life changer but very much so worth it. Weight loss brings your youth back, a burst of energy finds you and your all of a sudden feeling vibrant and full of life. My surgery was with Dr Almonza in Mexico on August 8 2014
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