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  1. low blood sugar

    Just been to GP to get blood results. Blood sugar is to low at 2.9. Any suggestions of what to eat. Im four weeks out fron gastric sleeve.
  2. House on the Market-Crazy Times-Old House/New House News-Need to Take a Breath

    OMG. What a whirlwind week. We finally did all we needed to do with the house. Photographer came on Tuesday and took the pictures for the listing. We went to a live listing on Wednesday around noon. We had 3 showings that afternoon. I think on Thursday we had about 7. By Thursday night we already had an offer above list price. Now we are sitting on 3 above list price. And several agents who are calling and texting with our realtor whose clients want to make an offer and are asking what ...
  3. Band to sleeve

    Quote Originally Posted by Backtobeingme View Post
    Hello I'm back wondering how you're getting on. I had the band removed January 2018 they would do the revision at the same time. I have a date for surgery 20th March start luver diet 27th feb nervous and excited st the same tine . Hope youre doin3well x
  4. Finally have a date

    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiGal View Post
    Excited is good, nervous is normal.

    I only told my partner (of course) and 3 selected best friends (of over 40 years!).
    I wasn't about to open myself up to any negativity or misguided information from people who had no idea what the surgery was all about.
    I'm a bit more open about it now - but I choose who I tell.
    There are some people that I will never tell - even if they ask me directly - and I didn't tell anyone at work.
    It's your business and yours
  5. Itís been a while::::::

    Greetings! It has been a very long time since I have been on this site. My surgery was December 2014 and although I never lost as much weight as most of the people here; my journey thus far (it is never over) has been a success. I started at a weight of 272 and got as low as 190 (for 3 days). I have since gained 30 lbs and am at 220, still striving everyday to get below 200, but its hard. My overall size hasnít changed much, just a little fluffier!
    Hereís the thing, life is REAL and the fact ...