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  1. I'm back!

    I recently received a text message from a friend telling me that she's scheduled for a sleeve in January. I recommended this forum telling her the great support that was given to me before and after my surgery in 2017.

    Then I realized that I too missed reading what was going on with everyone, ups and downs and how situations were being dealt with.

    I'm doing very well. It's been a big year for me. I retired and moved to Florida and loving my life. I ride my bike, go ...
  2. Gastric Sleeve abroad

    Hi everyone, Im thinking about having a gastric sleeve in Oakview Clinic in Brno Prague. Has anyone had this surgery here before? Would love your feedback

    Thank you
  3. About to pull the trigger...is it right for me though?

    I had a lapband in 2005. I weighed 218 lbs at 5'5" and only ever got to 178. That was a long time ago. I've had a bout with esophagitis once and it was scarily similar to a heart attack, not to mention the inability to ever enjoy steak or chicken due to it getting stuck and coming back up. Out of hunger, I've resorted to Blue Bell on a regular basis. I'm back up to 195. I don't want to be fat my entire life and unable to exercise due to knee pain along with a leaky bladder. The complete ...
  4. Amazing what writing it down can do!

    My journey has been quite amazing to me. I have done things that I never thought possible and today I sit here going back reading what I have written about this journey so far. I have re-read some old posts from 2011 until now, on this site and in hand written journals or on facebook groups, and the person I was then is completely different from who I am now in all of the best ways! I see it posted so often people say I wish I had journaled my journey from the beginning and all I can say back ...
  5. It's been A While.

    Hello! It's been a while since I have been on here. Life happens.
    It was two years ago this month, December 2016, when my life changed. I began the pre-op diet and 3 months later I had the VSG surgery done.
    I got to admit, I had some real struggles those first few months after... no food tasted good, I was in starvation mode, I couldn't drink enough water like I had pre-surgery. But, 6 months after surgery I had dropped 102 pounds.
    I had been walking daily since a month after ...