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  1. 10 days post op

    I haven't posted since my surgery, I've been busy. I am doing fantastic. I flew back to Canada on the 13 and took the 14 off of work since I flew in so late. And went right back to work on the 15th. I haven't had any issues even with people eating around me. I get my stiches out this Friday, and I signed up to a gym that is right beside where I work so I can stop there right after I'm done work for half an hour.

    I haven't been tired or anything, I feel more energetic, although I am ...
  2. A Year Without a Turkey Trot

    I got the bad news on Friday that I couldn't run my annual Turkey Trot this year due to dental surgery I had. I was so disappointed and at first I wasn't sure why. Then I realized running is part of the "new me." I started running before surgery, but it's been an important part of becoming a healthy person.

    Here's what I wrote about it on my blog, Down the Scale:


  3. Week 8 Update

    Yesterday (11/19/2017) marked my eight week post-op anniversary, and as I look back over the course of the past two months, I have come to embrace the many successes and failures I have encountered.

    To say it has been trying is an understatement. Having undergone VSG surgery six weeks after my wife had her VSG found me in the mindset that I can consume whatever I so choose within the parameters of the VSG diet. I couldn't have been more wrong. I found myself getting physically ill, ...
  4. Small victories

    I weighed myself today and I am no longer in the “Obese” BMI category. I am officially just “overweight”!!! I am weighing 168 pounds and dropping!!!

    I tell you, I have never felt better!! I am jogging every other night which is something I haven’t done since high school, I am actually getting restful sleep each night which makes my days go much better, and I am getting tons of compliments on how great and how much healthier I look. 😁

    My mom and sister have ...
  5. Day 13 and I'm back at Uni!

    So day 13 and I'm back at Uni for summer school. I actually feel just about back to normal now. I think 2 weeks off work or school is reasonable as I was pretty tired first of all. I am now feeling a million dollars, well today anyway. I am here till 8 pm so it's a bit of a long day and I might be whinging come 8pm LOL.
    I went out for the first time last night, to an awards ceremony which was heaps of fun. It wasn't a problem at all not eating or drinking alcohol. I'm a big ...