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  1. Two weeks out!!!!!

    Well guys it's been two weeks and I feel great...however, I'm still very tired, I went back to school and thought I I was gonna pass out...I'm not sure what to do about that but I'm open to suggestions. I'm eating soft stuff and can only get in about 3oz and I'm stuffed...drinking enough water is still a struggle but Misos(liguid flavorings) make it a bit easier...they also work well with vanilla protien shakes. The weight isn't falling off but the lose is consistent and I'm happy with that...I'll ...
  2. 19 months later!

    I started my life over 19 months ago! I can go down the slide, swing and run around with my 2.5 yr old and I love it. My husband has not touched me in any way at all and treats me like a stranger....he says it is all my fault! What actually is my fault...I chose to be healthy for myself and my kids....I chose, for the first time ever, to choose me! For the first time ever, I walk into a room and get attention....positive attention! I enjoy running with my eldest son and our dogs. I enjoy life! I ...
  3. The question my daughter asked....

    My fiancÚ doesn want me to go thru surgery now. I am kinda thinking maybe i shouldn't have this surgery, and after what my daughter asked??? im scared!!! Today she ask my FiancÚ (not her father he passed away) if mommy dies can i help you take care of Zahni? (my youngest daughter) Now with just 2 days away im petrified. Lord please guide me!!! What should i do??? Was anyone SCARED or HAD any crazy thought??? not only LIKE mines i guess my daughter's too???
  4. Flying Home From Mexico

    Could any of you share your experience after leaving the hospital and how difficult it was to fly back to the states right after surgery?
  5. my 1 year video

    here the the youtube link to see my transformation after 1 year post op!

    Hope this gives hope to the ones that are waiting for surgery or just had it!
    Always remember that the key to success is you!