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  1. Slow down and the loss of "friend"

    My weight loss has slowed down considerably. Since the 18th I have lost only 3 lbs. But I know that with the holidays and my change in diet ( little more substanial food ) thats to be expected for me. I need to be a little more vigilant about things.

    Now with that being said, I am also fighting coming to terms with the loss of my "friend " and companion --- Food . Obviously, I loved food, I love watching cooking shows, the smell, the differnt tastes, textures, it was my ...
  2. Two Thanksgivings and I STILL Lost Weight!

    by , 11-30-2014 at 09:24 AM (This Rollercoaster has Been Derailed!)
    On Wednesday night, we drove down to Mike's mom's house (about 2.5 hrs south of here). We had Thanksgiving dinner with much of that side of the family. Dinner was delicious, and I will fully admit I cheated and ate things that are against 'The Rules' set down by my surgeon.

    That's ok though, because she told me last week that this surgery is a new lifestyle, not a diet, and cheating happens. The trick is to know that, if I 'cheat' I will see it in the scale movement, or lack thereof. ...
  3. 12 days until surgery

    So today is the first time on the scale in 2 weeks. I decided I wanted to track everything even my weight as I started my pre-op diet. Measurements??? did anyone do them? I can't believe my weight this morning, extremely embarrassing. But then again, that's the main reason I am here. Excited and nervous as well about the surgery. It's coming soon!
  4. 10 days out

    Today is my 10 day since having the gastric sleeve. I'm feeling better each day. My emotions were running high before and after surgery (I cried daily). I had several negative events occur since having the gastric sleeve, and felt defeated. I'm down 17 lbs since surgery, and my family's been telling me I'm getting slimmer each day. I'm starting to adjust to my new lifestyle and eating schedule. I must admit it is hard work to eat, drink, eat, drink and try to consume all the vitamins. The new events ...
  5. 57 days until I leave for Surgery

    Yes, I am counting down to my surgery. No, I won't be bothering you all with a blog post every day. Going to the gym tomorrow. I figured it might be beneficial to get some sort of work-out routine in now. I am starting a pre-pre-op diet on December 1st replacing some meals with protein shakes and cutting out things I know I won't be able to drink or eat after surgery. January 16th is when I start my 10 day pre-op liquid diet.

    My husband is excited for me but I think I am driving him ...