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  1. Dutchie's Avatar
    Thank you all for your sweet replies!
    Yes, it is barren, but soooo beautiful, just what we like!
    Today we are reaching to the most northern point of our journey, which is even more north than Prudhoe Bay!
    I am very excitied!
  2. JannyAZ's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your photos. It looks barren and beautiful! Have fun!
  3. kenson's Avatar
    It looks beautiful Dutchie. Hope you're having a great time!
  4. AnnieG's Avatar
    You go, Dutchie! My dad used to live up in Prudhoe Bay (above the arctic) and he hated coming back stateside!
  5. coopersmom's Avatar
    Yay for you Dutchie. It looks so peaceful and relaxing, I love the pics of your shoes together. LOL
    Enjoy yourselves.
  6. elllie's Avatar
    wow! absolutely beautiful. It looks like you are having an amazing trip. keep posting photos.
  7. sraebaer's Avatar
    Gotta admit I'm jealous as we will be tent camping this week. Your accommodations look much nicer! Have fun!
  8. Sandra3's Avatar
    Such good news Katrina!! I'm happy for you and your daughter!
  9. John S's Avatar
    Hi Watsanne090601,

    I also went to Brno in Prague for my gastric sleeve on 20th August of this year(2019). The clinic, all staff, everything was amazing and you couldn’t ask for anything better. Walked around Brno the day before surgery and it’s a beautiful city too.

    I’m so glad I went there and Vendy was really good at answering my questions and explaining everything too

  10. kenson's Avatar
    Congratulations! Welcome to the sleeved side!
  11. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing and hopefully this is the start of a new chapter She's beautiful and I love her smile
  12. sraebaer's Avatar
    So thrilled for you and Meg!!
  13. Dutchie's Avatar
    Look at your beautiful girl!
    I am so happy for you, Katrina.
  14. Christie13's Avatar
    Glad you had a great experience. Many years ago I had my C-section deformity fixed in Zagreb Croatia and it was the same. Very clean, professional, and friendly. If I was living overseas I would have not have thought twice about going to a place like that again. Congrats on your sleeve.
  15. Christie13's Avatar
    Way to go Meg!! Praying she keeps up her energy and enthusiasm for life!!
  16. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Yay for Meg!
    This is such good news Katrina. You must be thrilled.
    What a gorgeous young lady she is.
  17. Bellagirl's Avatar
    She looks beautiful! Congratulations to her for this big step!
  18. Sandra3's Avatar
    Amazing retirement!!! well done Simonne!!!what a great life!! lovely post and photos!!
  19. KiwiGal's Avatar
    What an idyllic lifestyle. I am very envious.
    How wonderful that you have the opportunity to experience this.
  20. Christie13's Avatar
    Simonne it all sounds lovely. I think the most amazing thing to me is the true connection you and your hubby share to live the lifestyle you do. That is love my friend. Big hugs!
  21. sraebaer's Avatar
    Sounds lovely!
  22. Dutchie's Avatar
    I wish there was a "Thank you" button in the blog posts as well.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments!
  23. kenson's Avatar
    Dutchie, I'm ready to go RV'ng! My uncle and I used to always say that we want to get an RV and travel across the country with our family. Your pictures are breathtaking!
  24. coopersmom's Avatar
    Dutchie just reading your post makes me want to go RVing too! It sounds so peaceful and fun. You've done such a great job with your sleeve and always have an encouraging word and good advice here on the Forums. I appreciate your input.

    Keep on keeping on! PS - Love the doggie, aren't they the best friends ever?
  25. Katrina's Avatar
    Love this! Love the pictures, too!
  26. KiwiGal's Avatar
    So very sorry for your losses. Sending you lots of love.
    You are such a strong woman!
    I am so glad that around these sad times you have been able to enjoy yourself. Very envious of the jetski!
  27. Dutchie's Avatar
    Heartbreaking... I am so sorry for your losses...
    They will always be in your heart, but the pain remains...
    You are one strong puppy Katrina!
    So good to read that you also had a great time!
    I love your jetski btw and you look stunning in every picture!