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  1. Looking better every day!

    I am now down from 215lbs to less than 140lbs!! My final goal is 120! I bought my first skirt ever! It's so tiny and incredibly sexy! I also got a pair of tight pants. I can't believe how small I am already. I hardly recognize myself. I'm moving back to Florida on July 23. I can't wait for everyone to see me! My brother and my friends and even my husband and mother in law! Nobody has seen me in over a year, before my sleeve! They will be shocked. Even with pictures, it's so different when you see ...

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  2. Regrets

    Since I was a child and with even more conviction as an adult, I have promised myself to live a life free of regrets. Every bad decision I make will eventually lead me down a new road to a potentially wonderful future. But it's a lie. I feel like I am full of regrets. I don't regret my actions, my choices, not even the bad ones. Not even the really bad ones. What I regret is the feelings. What I really and truly regret is the things I didn't see or do, the things I missed. How does that relate to ...

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  3. The long and complicated story of m.e.

    Since writing is my passion, I could not resist when I saw the word "blog" on here. Of course, I have my own personal blog as well as a facebook account and a twitter account (though I don't use twitter since it's ridiculous). Even with all of the places to share my intimate thoughts and experiences, there is still no one place where I am completely 100% open about everything in my life. Maybe there never will be and probably that's a good thing. There are some things that have to be kept ...