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  1. Scheduled

    Right, so i've given the insurance thing one more go and was declined, but I expected that. I've decided to self pay and because of contractual stipulations, i'm not scheduled for vacation until the beginning of August 2013 so i've scheduled a tentative date for August with Dr. Almanza. Reason I say tentative is that I can just inform them (work) that i'm scheduled for surgery and would get the time off but I also intend to, depending on how i feel post op, visit a few central American countries ...
  2. Let's do this.

    So after many tries, i've decided to tell my insurance company to f**k off. Sadly, I wish I had better planned for an event like such and saved more. Long story short, I am going the self pay way and would like to get sleeved soon ( Within the next 3 months or so) .