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  1. Sometimes I feel out of control

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    i am in the same boat as you! I am 3 years out and find that I can eat so much more. My eating habits are outta control and I have gained about 14lbs and its stressing me out big time! My pitfall is eating at night and I dont know how to stop it. I need to get back on track.. I can totally relate!
    Me too!
  2. gas-yuck!

    It has been a year since I had my sleeve and it seems to me that the gas problem is worse than ever. Nothing seems to help. It is so embarrassing and the smell makes me want to vomit! Please help
  3. slow going

    I am interested in hearing from people my age that have had the sleeve. I am not doing that great and wonder if it is an age thing. Your input would be appreciated.
  4. Got it done!

    So, I have my sleeve now, 5 days ago and feeling good! I appreciate so much,all your help. I was reading earlier about someone that said she is hungry all the time and how hard it is (she was 8 month post op); When do you really start to get hungry? I hope it is a really long time
  5. coffee

    I am getting ready to have my sleeve done and very excited about it. I am a coffee addict and wonder how I can deal with it, Seriously now, is it really necessary to give up coffee?
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