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  1. Time to Accept Changes

    As I write today it is about acceptance. I have to accept the fact that my mind and body are not the same as they were about 75 days ago. I am down 75 lbs from my highest weight and 50 lbs since surgery weight. That to me still has not completely registered until today.

    Today was a day of acceptance. I accept the fact that I know what to eat and how to eat. I accept that I still crave sweets, pizza, and booze because they were part of my pre-surgery life. I also accept that I yield ...
  2. Post Op Day 7 - ONE WEEK BABY!

    Was really tired today, it was hard to get up. Had an excursion last night though with a meeting I had to attend. Still made it to work by 8:00am thank goodness there wasn't a traffic jam on the stairs!

    Pretty much same routine as yesterday, get up, sip some water, sip a little protein shake, run to bathroom and sit down, then drink more water.

    Didn't have the broth today not sure why other than I wanted to try to get more protein in. Which I was able to do. About sick ...
  3. Post-Op Day 6

    Today was back to work. Took it easy at the home office. Remembering to drink and walk. My voice is weak for some reason.

    One of the best things of today is I know all the fluids will be getting in.

    The absolute best thing was the first Post-Op BM!!!!

    Never been more happy about that. when you have been on liquids for a week it is definitely a relief.

    Sorry to be gross but, we have all been there or those who haven't yet...you will be! ...
  4. Post Op Day 5

    Today has been a day of rest and light walking. Trying to get in all the fluids while trying to get feeling a little better after "The Day of Terror".

    The cramps are gone and I have been passing gas much better and munching on sugar free Popsicles. Trying to get more hydration through broth because of the sodium and plain Smart Water because of the electrolytes in the water.

    Blood pressure has been great all day. At last check it was 127/81. I can't believe ...
  5. Post-Op Day 4 "The day of Terror"

    Everything was great until 1:30pm...I have been getting the fluids and doing small short walks as instructed. Something happened about 1:30 when I finished off a bottle of water that had Sugar Free Crystal Light Peach Tea in it. There was only about 8oz left and I drank that in about 5 minutes.

    OH THE PAIN! It feels like cramps pulsating through my body. It hurts to stand or lay down on either side. I tried to get out of bed after about 2 hours..MISTAKE! Dizziness, nausea, clamminness, ...
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