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  1. The Amusement Park

    (Background: I've been divorced 4 years, bun only jumped back in the dating pool in the last 6 months. I've had a TON of first dates, not many second dates, NO third dates).

    So I had my second date with a guy I met on line whom I've been chatting\texting with for several weeks, last night and he took me to dinner, then the amusement park! Dinner was at Cinzetti's, an Italian Buffet. I was worried that I'd be able to eat so little he'd be like WTH? Why don't you EAT? (I haven't told ...
  2. "TOUGH"......love!

    This was written by Leilani Gibbs, mentor to the weight loss surgery community who recently passed.

    May I remember this always!

    "There's noooooooooooooo crying in baseball.....!!!!!!"

    That's the sentiment (scenario) that comes to mind sometimes when I hear some of the comments from people who've already had the surgery. In case you haven't made the connection, that's a line Tom Hanks made famous in the movie "A League Of ...
  3. A Chefs Perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by chefjake99 View Post
    Hello there all. I wanted to write something in response to many comments made by people to threads that I have started in the past. I apologize that it has taken me this long to respond. I have been hesitant to voice my opinions for many reasons: everyone is different, I am not a doctor or nutritionist (although I have taken classes in nutrition as part of culinary school), and some people may take offense to what I have to say. In other posts I have gotten responses saying things like "what
  4. 2 Weeks Post-OP Today!

    Two weeks ago today I was in an OR having 90% of my stomach removed. Today, I am back at work, (been back a few days now) with 30 lbs gone forever! (from my consult 1 month ago)

    I was only in the hospital overnight, (they had me scheduled for 2 days). They tried to give me hydrocodone by mouth twice. Both times it came back up. Not fun. I wasn't in that much pain so skipped it after that. Walking in the hospital helped A LOT. After I was home found it hard to get crushed meds ...