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  1. Boo!!!

    Well........ I'm 10 months out and still alive!!!!!
    HW 296
    SW 255
    CW 165
    I hope everyone is well and has a Happy Holiday Season
  2. Help!!!

    Ok all...... I've been doing my thing and quite successful until this month I am 7 months PO and down 80lbs (125 total)!!!! Now that I get hungry again it seems like its returns with a vengeance!!!!! I mean I get crazy hungry!!!! When I was loosing real quick it scared everyone so I was told to eat/graze all day if that's what it took to get my nutrition. Well now I've gained back 5 lbs in August!!! WTH?!?!?!? I'm bouncing between 169-173 and its driving me NUtS!!!!! I went on a protein strike ...
  3. Well now...

    As I entered my new weight on my ticker I realized that I am 1 pound away from my original goal!!!!!! I think I'll adjust that goal now lol What an amazing journey I've been on and I wish everyone in here nothing but the best in their journeys
  4. Just a happy camper :)

    Hello folks. I am 5 months out and down 110 pounds!!!!! That's 72 lbs since 1/15/13 !!!! I started at 291 and this morning weighed in at 181!!!!! I am so damn happy!!!!!! I feel AMAZING!!!! I look AMAZING!!!! My future? Looks AMAZING!!!! Lol. Best! Best! Best decision I've EVER MADE!!!! I hope everyone debating this choice stops hesitating and DO IT ALREADY!!!! Why keep waiting for the rest of your happy life?!?! Everyone deserves the chance to feel as AMAZING AS I DO!!!!!! If anyone want to ...
  5. Not sure why but........

    Hello folks
    I'm not sure why but I didn't receive anyone's posts over the past months . All this time I've thought no one gave a crap about me for some reason. This morning I came on here to remove myself from the group when I see tons of posts from people!!!!! Posts all the way back in Feb that I NEVER SAW!!!!!! Although seeng them when I really needed someone to talk to would have been nice I appreciate them now. Thank you to all of you who DID give a crap!! Lol. This was the group ...
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