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  1. Wonderland for my birthday..........

    I really want to be at 199 by April 23rd my 44th Birthday. I have not been in the 100's since I was 21 so wish me well .
  2. I am so ready for onederland............... ..

    I am at 213 and can not wait to hit 199. It's on my mind a lot. I know I am not far off the mark but it feels like a long way. I think I am just stuck on getting out of the two's all the sudden. I am going on a cruise in June for my daughters graduation and I am going to zipline for the first time ever. I am just so excited. I was 318lbs 10 years ago and missed out on so much I just want to throw it in high gear and live what I missed for so long.
  3. 216..............what ?? Yepp 216 and feeling like a million bucks!

    I am in my grove and feeling sassy. Every day is new and exciting. This was not the easy way out by any means but I feel my hard work is paying off and that I am exactly where I should be. Some people loose faster, thats o.k. I do my happy dance for them and encourage them. I feel this is my journey and every pants size I loose makes me cry. Coming off Insulin HUGE for me, getting into a size 14 HUGE for me , knowing that I have a tool to help me the rest of my life is priceless.
  4. 221...............221 lbs size 14 .........wow!

    I am so excited that I am about to break outta the 220's. Having surgery is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was in a 24 and now I am in a 14 and that makes me cry happy tears. I am proud of where I am but know I still have a long way to go. Some days are better than others but never have I regretted this journey. My dad has found out he has cancer I am beside myself but I have not turned to food. Every pound I loose makes me stronger and more determined. Good luck my friends. ...