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  1. Smoke and Mirrors

    I take a diuretic (water pill) for lymphedema in my lower extremities roughly once a week, and in doing so, for roughly a 24 hour period, I will lose a significant amount of weight, only to have some form of weight regain once the effects of the diuretic have worn off.

    While this is happening, it feels great to step onto the scale and see loss, but when it is over, even though I understand how the medication will work in my system, it is heart-breaking because I know without question ...
  2. How do I lose weight prior to the surgery???

    Hi everyone,

    I am going through the steps towards the gastric sleeve surgery and have been told I will need to lose 15 pounds prior to scheduling my surgery. For me, that may as well have been 500lbs. If I could lose weight on my own, I would have done so. Does anyone out there have words of wisdom for me? I feel like I want to eat a whole pizza and cry.


  3. It's Purely Psychological

    Well...it seems it was too good to last as stagnation has once again set in and the scale refuses to move.

    That's OK, however, because I know I am doing all of the right things, making all of the right decisions, and eating mostly all of the right foods. Just the same, I want to see movement on the scale because I believe from a psychological standpoint that seeing numbers move is much easier to track than putting on a pair of once tight-fitting jeans that now slip on with great ease. ...
  4. 7 Weeks Post Op and Life is Good

    I am officially 7 weeks post op as of yesterday (June 8, 2018). Uncle Sleeve has been very good to me and I couldn't be happier. I am down close to 60 lbs from my start of the pre-op liquid diet on April 8, 2018. MY surgery was April 20, 2018. My high weight was 354 lbs, my weight on day of surgery was 333 lbs and I am just under 300 lbs right now at 295 lbs. I am 6'2 and 50 years young!!

    I was recently on a stall where my weight really never changed for about 10 days or so, ...
  5. Poor Sleeping Patterns and a Possible VSG Connection

    Generally speaking I don't sleep well. On average, if I am lucky I will receive roughly 4 hours of sleep per night. I mention this only because it is pertinent to this blog posting.

    As a direct result of my lack of sleep, I find that in addition to a daily nap, I tend to lean heavily on an energy drink known as Redline Xtreme. I do so, not because I enjoy the sudden burst of energy I receive from said energy drink, rather because it has almost become a staple of my daily diet. With ...