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  1. An 8 Mos Stall???? Is this a Stall or the end of the road?

    I can say... I am struggling. I have been at 170 for at least 8 months (If I include the 2 months since my last post). This is the longest stall... it if is indeed a stall. I am beginning to think this is just my foundational weight and this may be the end of my journey.

    I still eat half meals... I can eat almost everything... but will upchuck what doesn't agree with me. I go to the gym daily and have event attempted Hot Yoga to shock my system.

    I started at 235 ...
  2. Turkey day!

    I am part of a women's group and we meet once a month. It's a chance to talk about what's bothering you and get opinions. I walked in Wednesday and a women said "your so small"
    I sat down and said "I'm not not eating. I'm not anorexic, I'm not wasting away or melting or anything else"
    Felt good to say that, and the other woman just said "I guess people have been telling you your too skinny huh?"

    I started tracking my intake
    Myfitnesspal ...
  3. Back pain?

    Has anyone experience considerable back pain beginning week 2? Just below my shoulder blades, an acking pulsing pain. Reached an all time high tonight and not sure what to do to help it. Any advice? Anyone else experience this?
  4. 6 days after surgery

    Had surgery a week ago and I am doing really well. I have already lost 12 lbs and very excited to lose much more. Just very tired of soft foods. I just want to say that Dr. Choi and everyone at Larkin hospital in Miami are the best. Treated really well and and my husband was treated just as well. Thank you Dr. Choi and staff.
  5. over night stay turns into a 2 night stay

    So i thought i was going home today everything is going well except my heart rate is a lil high an my blood count is low so my doctor decided to keep me over night.
    I love her she's takes very good care of her Patiences....