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  1. angelamurn's Avatar
    The best advice you could get is to prepare yourself better than needed. Get more money than you need and the stuff and medications you should have. Don't worry, there is nothing stressful about flights, it is just that beginners are very afraid. You will get used to it. I have traveled with my dog several times after registering him at Emotional support animal guide, and what I learned is that by doing something for the first time, prepare yourself as much as possible. Even if it is too much, you will not have to worry, and the next time, you will know for sure what you need.
  2. rinegills's Avatar
    I don't want to be a fairy tale sage, but the main salvation from the drudgery of life is peace of mind. You should be a little indifferent to what's going on. But the first reaction in such a situation is most often anger or resentment. But even if your husband lost his job unfairly (at least from your point of view), to scandalize and swear is not the best way out. Contain your negative emotions, don't fall into hysterics and panic. Remember that the chances of getting justice are greater for those who retain a "cool mind." Get ready for the new reality and prepare skills for resume.