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  1. First few days,,,,,

    Hello all, especially those that are scared of the process getting your sleeve. I was honestly terrified. It did not help when I was called and had my surgery time changed from first to second of the day. I did not need any more thinking time.

    Looking back now I am laughing at myself, even though I know the fears were real to me as they are to you. I arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes before my scheduled check in time. Good thing was they did not have me sit in a waiting ...
  2. Time is flying!

    So my last post I was excited to have a surgery date. Today I had my pre-op appointment for blood work and a package of special soap. They let me know to be at the hospital at 5:30am this coming Thursday, I will be the first procedure of the day! Now I am bouncing all over the house getting things cleaned up so the week after will be relaxing. I am starting to stage all my clear liquid diet items. I started a chicken in the crock pot to make myself some fresh broth, the thought of canned or ...
  3. Great News

    So today I finally received all the approvals from BCBS and have a surgery date scheduled. I have a pre appointment on June 2nd the surgery on June 15th. I am sure I am going through many of the same emotions others have had on the day they get their schedule. Excited, happy, apprehensive, scared, did I say EXCITED and HAPPY? I have been working for 2 years to make this decision. I am looking forward to my sleeve helping me make the right decisions for a healthy life. I look forward to sharing ...