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  1. Cannabis Smoke Contains Harmful Toxins

    No, cigarette smoking cannabis can not cause autism. A person is born Autistic, it is a result of genetics as well as they end up being Autistic when the mind is established during the 2nd trimester. Nothing you do after birth can create you to come to be autistic if you were born neurotypical, smoking cannabis can not alter the entire framework of your mind. No, heritability is thought to ...
  2. Emotional Breakdown in Macy’s

    So I went to Macy’s yesterday to return some items I had purchased online that did not work out. After returning the items I did a lap around the clearance racks and found some other clothes I wanted to try on and ended up in the dressing room. These days I never know what will fit me, since my size seems to change every couple weeks, so I grabbed several size ranges in clothes. I am four months out from surgery and have been doing good losing the weight. I’m a pear shape and have been buying ...
  3. Superbug! Help!

    Quote Originally Posted by cathycov View Post
    I am scheduled through weight loss agents with Dr. Almanza March 11 and just received a message from them saying grandview hospital is closed. The cdc has closed them down! They still have me scheduled but at a different hospital. Now I am COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT! Advice? What would you do in my shoes? Plane tickets already purchased from Mississippi $1200 for me and my husband who’s accompanying me.Also surgery is already paid for. Here’s the message they sent me......

    The Weight
  4. Calorie and starvation questions?

    I was diagnosed last week with pancreatitis and a kidney infection. When I went to have a check up with my surgeon on Friday and he and I were reviewing things he told me I need to be in the 900-1000 calorie a day range. I was floored.

    I was finally about yesterday to hit all my marks with calories, all vitamins, water and even managed to get in 15,000 steps.

    I am wondering if my lower calorie intake is the reason I am stalled once again?

    I was stalled ...
  5. 2015!!

    Just wanted to check in because it has been so long!! I had my surgery 4/2015😮 and I am still doing great!!! Just wanted to share a positive reassuring post for Dr Almanza ❤️