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  1. Do you like your FitBit?

    They sell them at Costco. I'm tempted but want to know if it's just another useless piece of electronics that's complicated and uncomfortable.
  2. Re: 2 year surgiversary

    It has been 2 years since my VSG. Although I set a goal weight of 160,I realize that this goal was not realistic for me. I am stabilized at 175, wear a size 10, am no longer hypertensive or diabetic, work out almost every day and am glad to be alive again. I also am experiencing the world as a thin person and although unfair, is so much less work (buying clothes off the rack in a department store, not being labeled as "fat and lazy" How ignorant is this assumption? That if I just exercised ...
  3. What causes hair loss after sugery?

    Wondering if it's the anesthesia? dietary changes? shock to the system? I notice so much hair loss when I shampoo. I have thicker hair so a little won't make much of a difference.
    When do people notice regrowth? Does it in fact grow back?
    The surgeon recommends 85 g protein---I usually fall short of that but get pretty close. I take biotin and zinc supplements.
  4. Six Day Post Op Recap

    This time last week, I was laying on a surgery table drifting off blissfully while the surgical team was getting ready to remove 75% of my stomach. I was in competant hands, in a beautiful, new facility. I awoke about 1 1/2 hrs later in a total fog, unaware of any pain, told that if I felt any to push a little button and it would relieve it. (morphine) I remember being SO thirsty and not allowed anything to quench it until I got clearance of some type. The few aware moments that I had were of extreme ...
  5. Pre- Sleeve Reading Material from the local Library

    I checked out these books from the local Library - They all look promising.
    1. "It aint over til' the thin lady sings" Michelle Ritchie
    2. "The Real Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery" Julie M janeway, Karen J Sparks, Randal S baker MD
    3. "Before and After"Susan Maria Leach

    I also loaned out a cook book that seemed awesome--going through all the stages and modifying one recipe...I think the title was something like "Eating well after ...
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