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  1. Im going on a date with a fellow WLSer !!

    I have been chatting to a girl online for a few months now and we are meeting for a date next week .... she is a gastric band patient and we have a lot in common and get on so well so hopefully it will be ok
  2. 6 months post op appt. preview

  3. Keosters VLOG : WLS Topic of the week : Gratitude

  4. My latest VLOG update 10 weeks post op

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    I weighed in today and have 6 more ibs off this week but heres my latest update I made there on Monday ...........

  5. Finally sleeved after 3 years waiting !!

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    Hey everyone I havnt poster in about 2 and 1/2 years as my weight was in yo-yo mode a lot , I finally got my surgery on march 30th 2017 and since my pre op diet which I started a month earlier I have lost 85 ibs or 6 st 1 ib so its all been like a miracle for me so far ....I'm now 7 weeks post op and I feel Great !!
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