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  1. going back to pre surgery methods

    so today I signed up for ww for 6 months online. I have to get back on track & have more accountability. My boss also signed up. I have alot of things this summer going on that I really want to look good again for. I have 65lbs I want to lose to get to my prebaby weight. Hopefully tracking my food intake will help me get back on track. Wishing for the best!
  2. 51 days and counting

    Hi All
    i have surgery on November 14th and I'm very nervous. I just found out I have diabetes and may have have cancer. I have to take a test for cancer on Monday and could use some prayers. So please keep me in your prayers. I'm going with my sister and meeting three other sleevers in Mexico so I shouldn't be nervous but I am. Is there anything I can do about being nervous? Can you also send me a list of things I need to take with me. Thankyou.
  3. Financing My New Life

    Is it easy to get financed with Dr.Almanza? If not do any of you know any other way possible to get financed for this surgery. I feel like this surgery is my only way out as I'm sure some of you do. For those of you who have already had your surgery with Dr.Almanza in Mexico how were you treated, how was your care, were there any complications, would you do it again, would you do it again. Please don't leave any important info out. Thanyou so much Buffy