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  1. New to forum - Ready to start my life!

    Hello! I've read these forums for a long while now, and am so excited to begin my journey! I've been meeting with a nutritionist and only have a couple more visits before my surgery is scheduled.
    I've been heavy all my life. I used to be very active, loved to exercise and was comfortable in my body... then... I gained 100 pounds with my first pregnancy 5 years ago. I managed to lose 50 pounds, just to get pregnant again with twins! Gained another 100 pounds, and here I am!
    I ...
  2. On my Journey!

    Quote Originally Posted by shurta1 View Post
    Hello all my Sleeved friends,

    I have not been sleeved just as yet...I am scheduled for surgery on May 9, 2011. So far, pre-op I have lost 7 pounds and counting. This is my first major surgery and hoping on much success in the future.
  3. Mussshhyyy!!!

    I start on mushy food this Monday. I am excited and scared. I just need to know if there is anything OFF LIMITS? Can I puree red beans? Also is this when I should be watching how much I eat? Should I be sticking to 3-4 oz of food or less and how many times a day should I be eating. Any additional information would be great. I am very detailed so details make me happy!

  4. Feel a bit alone and need a doctor...

    Today I am 11 days post op. I think I am doing pretty well. Sometimes I feel so alone. I thank God for this site. To be able to come on here and speak my feelings to a group of people that has and is or getting ready to experience what I am experiencing is such a relief. I worry because I don't have a doctor here in Indianapolis since I went abroad to have my surgery. Most doctors here in Indianapolis do not want to take you on as a patient if they didn't perform your surgery. If something goes ...
  5. New site updates

    Today was a long and hard day here in the Gastric Sleeve computer lab. The site received a facelift and is looking better than ever. Thank you to all our wonderful members for your patience while the site was closed for repairs today.