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  1. Life after losing 40 lbs:) Positive affirmations of the right choice for me

    I admit I want to be lower on the scale faster, but it is what it is..............I flew to Cancun and low and behold I did not have to use the seat belt extender!!!!! now that was amazing.

    I now cross my legs all the time.......another wonder!

    I fit into chairs easily and can have room to spare!

    I am into size clothing that I haven't seen since many many years ago, what a great experience to have, I shopped in Cancun and actually came back with a dress ...
  2. 2 sizes smaller, is this possible???? ha ha ha what's are your joys now?

    my friends were teasing me yesterday about my baggy pants. today I went to a local thrift store, and lo and behold, I first was going to try a size 24 but I re thought that and bought size 22..........of course I waited til I got home to try them on..........and they fit! only one pair of pants is a little tight, but with a long sweater it will be okay. haven't seen this number in 20 years yeh me and the sleeve. what's your stories???
  3. anyone else have discomfort laying on back?

    I know there is a lot of things that happen after this surgery, but I did not see this coming. I get pain in my neck while in bed, cannot lay on back anymore without this shutting pain from back into neck and onto side of face, it's bizarre. the surgeon never heard of this, seeing primary today, looking for answers. maybe I'm just weird?
  4. Found out the hard way about sugar............ugh!

    I am a month out as of today, things are going okay but I've had a cold and yesterday I realized I was thirsty, so I grabbed the apple juice.........big error. I drank about 5 oz. then I was in the bathroom the rest of day. I'm thinking what the hey is going on here. then I went to read the sugar content of the apple juice....28 grams..........big mistake! now I know first hand what sugar does to me!

    I am not getting in all my water and protein now that I'm starting to eat some ...
  5. Goodbye 280 lbs

    goodbye old "frenemy". so glad to say goodbye to you. and hello to the 250's. it has been so long since I was this "light" and makes me happy.

    I started so many "diets", the books, tapes, dvds, memberships, on line clubs. all to no avail. This may seem drastic to normal folks, but to me, the sleeve is a tool I plan on using and forever saying goodbye to 280~~~