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  1. Near 10 years post op VSG

    It's been a LONG, LONG time...
    Come December 4th of this year I will be 10 years post op of having vertical sleeve surgery. I have aboslutely NO regrets. I can still to this day barely eat 2 chicken wings. My weight fluctuates between 99 and 117 ish... I'm good with that.

    I do have a delima that's requiring me to make a pretty major medical decision. Prior to my sleeve surgery I had a hiatal hernia that had to be repaired in order to proceed with my surgery. Well, close to 10
  2. Is weightloss surgery save for my health?

  3. Sleeve REVISION

    HEY ALL!!!
    I was successful until 2 years ago when A LOT of things happened: loss of my brother; graduate school; sedentary job (mental health); more health issues. I regained 45pd and can't get it down. I went back go pre-op/pouch reset. Nothing is working.

    I have the option to get a resleeve in Mexico by Sergio Verboone.

    I'm worried due to having 3 heart attacks 2 weeks after my last sleeve. I also developed chronic upper back pain due to stomach issues. ...
  4. going back to pre surgery methods

    so today I signed up for ww for 6 months online. I have to get back on track & have more accountability. My boss also signed up. I have alot of things this summer going on that I really want to look good again for. I have 65lbs I want to lose to get to my prebaby weight. Hopefully tracking my food intake will help me get back on track. Wishing for the best!
  5. giving thanks

    this Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for! We are homeowners, none of us got Covid even though alot of friends & co workers had it, my relationship w/ my inlaws is improving steadily, I'm finally starting to lose some of the quarantine weight I put on, and mentally I'm feeling much better since I got put on another medication & we added another family member. We got a great white Pyranees puppy before Halloween named Koda which means little bear & he looks like a polar bear. ...