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  1. Not feeling so well...

    Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday!

    I am entering week 5 tomorrow, and I'm having some tummy issues. I feel really nauseous right after I try to eat anything. All I had yesterday was some cottage cheese, and I was in the bathroom right away vomiting! I called my dr. office, and they said it's either a bug, or something I am doing wrong. Any suggestions? I may not be getting enough liquids, but I would not think that would make me this ill. Did anyone else go through this phase at ...
  2. That dreaded scale

    Hi everyone, and happy Monday!
    I hope this message finds you all well. I am 19 days post op. Last week was my week 3 and although I heard not to, I still watched the scale. I did not move a pound all week. I even went up one pound. What a depressing week! Is this because I am adding new foods into my diet? Have others experienced a weight gain in this week? I sure am hoping for a better week this week...
  3. Emotional!!

    Hi all,
    I am officially two weeks post surgery. I am already 20 lbs down (Yay!!) but I am finding that I am extremely emotional. I cry at things I would have never cried at, and I am frustrated or impatient most of the day. Is this normal? I am hoping this is just a phase as my body adjusts to the new me. Looking for hope...
  4. the WANT to eat

    Hi everyone,
    I had the gastric sleeve 9 days ago. I am on the full liquid diet still, which is just protein shakes, cream soup, etc. I can't seem to stop wanting to eat something more, even though I'm not hungry. Is this normal? Any suggestions on how I can better control this craving?