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    Default considering gastric sleeve

    hi my name is uni,and im so happy that i joined here tonight!! i feel this will give me lots of support!! i presently weigh 210 and i am 5 f and 6 inches! im 36 female married with 4 kids,i have type 2 diabetes on meds not insulin though,i also have high cholesterol,anyway considering the sleeve now but so so so hesitant because i am an emotional ,compulsive binge eater!!!!!!!! and i heard that you can binge eat even after surgery so whats the point??? im in therapy for all my emotional issues and i coulndt get to drop more than 10 pounds without regaining it sometimes as quick as 2 weeks!!! so hw will the sleeve help me?????? i need advice and support since i do have a medical condition and losing my weight is pretty urgent!!! thanks to all of u out there!!!

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  4. Gastric Sleeve Surgery With Weight Loss Agents
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    Default Re: considering gastric sleeve

    No WLS is going to treat the compulsive eating. Most of us who have needed to try WLS have had some degree of compulsive eating. I think you should discuss with your therapist to see if he recommends weight loss surgery considering that you are under treatment for your emotional situation. Maybe he will recommend that you wait until you advance in your therapy...
    Weight loss surgery will be able to help you control the amount of food you are able to eat, for instance the sleeve is a restrictive procedure that will reduce the size of your stomach so you won't be able to eat huge quantities of food. With time it is possible to cheat or find the workaround of any type of WLS if you don't make the right choices of food, some people are not even able to loose all the weight. But honestly with the additional illnessess you have like diabetes you should really be considering this as an option.
    At the end of the day you have to make your own decision if you want to change your life and your eating habits or if you are going to continue the way you are right now.
    And please don't get me wrong, I have had to fight my own demons about food and eating but I decided that I was not going to let my emotions or food ruin the rest of my life and my health.
    Every day is a small battle.
    I already reached my goal and sometimes I wonder if I will be able to keep it off. It is a normal fear I guess, but right now I feel that I am going to make it. I still want to loose about 10 pounds...just for vanity so I go to the gym everyday and I continue with my nutricionist following up my diet.
    Good luck!

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