OK, I wanted to say that I HAD SURGERY with Dr. Quinones and I know best from being there that he is not a deceptive Doctor nor is Henry a deceptive Laiason. He is the real deal and very professional and hard working. He has followed me from day one and to this day he is still helping me out. If this person wants to slam Dr. Quinones and say he did a botched job then I suggest that she go somewhere else and not on this forum. This is a personal matter for me because i know what kind of skilled Surgeon Dr. Quinones really is. He is very caring and he also teaches at the University in San Diego. He has done enough Sleeves to know what he is doing for God Sakes. If you doubt him and believe all the Scuttlebutt that you hear from some broad who wanted a FREE Sleeve all I can say is don't use him. It will be YOU who are losing out on a great Surgeon and great Care by a Wonderful Doctorand Surgeon! I know for a Fact. I would go back to Dr. Quinones for any of my other surgical needs in a moment.