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    Re: Protein drinks

    So I finally tried the Premier Protein shakes and they're ok. I like the EAS better. Granted the Premier has double the protein (and calories) but the EAS go down smoother for me and taste better. ...
  2. Re: 3 years later....... 12/2/14..... this is me today 1/16/17 Still going strong

    Glad to see you are still holding strong after all this time! Way to go! Congrats on your success!!
  3. Re: Will be getting wls in June-Have a question

    Squats, crunches, modified push ups, lunges (those kill my thighs), leg lifts, and weights. I also run 3x a week. If you do only cardio you'll get more jiggly but adding toning/weights helps.
  4. Re: How long does it take consume water post open?

    Side note- I have an easier time drinking my latte than water. I also bring a 12 oz green tea that I brew and cool. The tea is also easier than the water.
  5. Re: How long does it take consume water post open?

    It takes me all day and I have to consciously drink. I count all my fluids. If I counted only water I'd be screwed. It takes me about 3 hours to drink my 12 oz latte. (7-10 am). I eat a few nuts...
  6. Re: Will be getting wls in June-Have a question

    I was in a precarious situation because I could not get under a certain weight if I wanted my insurance to pay for it. But I did work out. Once approved, I was able to do the pre op and lose...
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    Re: What kind of chewable multi vitamin

    Yeah I didn't take my multi until I could do pills because they would make me sick. I just took my B12, Calcium, and biotin the first month. Then started taking my multi vitamin. I have never been...
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    Re: Just got the call

    Wow!! That was quick to get the call and go in tomorrow!! Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Re: How long does it take consume water post open?

    It takes a while. And most likely you will be counting other liquids not just water. But you'll get there. I guess it is different for each person. I know it took me a long time to be able to get...
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    Re: What kind of chewable multi vitamin

    I take Bariatric Advantage and it's a pill. My surgeon's office said it's ok to take pills now.
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    Re: I need help!

    Good luck finding a surgeon. I know that is hard when you have to make a decision to go to another country.
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    Re: 3 days post-op

    Empty stomach can make you feel queasy. I always feel better when I've eaten. I think it's possibly blood sugar. Because I also feel sick if I wait too long to eat. I try to have a protein bar on...
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    Re: . Nauseated now 3.5 wks. Post op

    Hopefully they will work for you. Everyone is different.
  14. Re: Hotel Buffet Breakfast Suck, And other things...

    Compression socks for the long flight. Make sure you have your vitamins. Stay hydrated. You'll be surprised how much you'll drop in 2 months. Just know you most likely won't be able to eat more...
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    Re: . Nauseated now 3.5 wks. Post op

    Warm liquids usually help me with my nausea and not drinking water but something like iced tea. ( I make mixed berry green tea with Splenda into iced tea.) But definitely some warm broth or creamed...
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    Re: I am a gastric sleeve virgin

    Hi and welcome Lindsey! It is wonderful to see you and your hubby will be having surgery together. :) It does make it so much easier to have someone to go through this with. Reach out if you have...
  17. Re: Hotel Buffet Breakfast Suck, And other things...

    How was your walk? is the phrase. Sorry, I am 1/2 Italian. :) At any rate, Italian breakfasts are not what you normally find in the US. While hotels will provide eggs, deli meats, yogurts,...
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    Re: Today is Surgery Day

    Hey Hal! Good luck on your surgery today! I don't think you really lose right after surgery as you are full of liquids like Luna said. I only lost about 4 lbs that first week. But everyone is...
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    Re: I'm new here.

    Welcome Jen! Congrats on your success so far! You should definitely be able to eat foods by now. I don't think it is the hernia repair causing that. I suggest that you speak with your surgeon. I...
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    Re: Went to the Seminar Today

    I got my appointment for surgery pretty quickly once my paperwork was submitted. Well I got the call and then had my surgery 9 days later.
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    Re: One year anniversary!

    My sister had the same issue. When she reached goal she found that it was too think looking on her and she actually had to gain about 15 lbs to look healthy. Congrats on your anniversary and your...
  22. Thread: Readers?

    by Christie13

    Re: Readers?

    Will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!
  23. Re: My First Appointment With The Surgeon Today.

    It's a great sign when they know your insurance requirements. My surgeon's office knew mine as well and I got approved no problem. As for seeing the 130's I think you could if you put your mind to...
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    Re: What's On Your Menu Today?

    Bfast-12 oz fat free latte from Starbucks with Splenda
    Snack-1/4 low carb protein bar
    Lunch-2 oz tuna, spinach
    snack-pumpkin seeds
    dinner-2 oz chicken breast, green beans
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    Re: 4 years out and I need some help

    Try this. It is the pouch reset for people who have gained weight after the sleeve.

    Hope this helps you! And...
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