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    Where have you been Lori? Missed seeing you!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Hugs!
  2. You look amazing. Praying I have such great results. Just had my surgery 10/12/17. Having a few tough days emotionally and energy wise. Any advice for these first few months?
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    Glad to hear your having a great summer. I look at my many fat pictures and that doesn't look like me, It doesn't feel like me either. Not sure how to phrase it but the skinner, healthier me I now recognize that girl in the mirror and I don't know why I waited so long to do this. life is so much funnier and easier. I don't know how i lugged those 114lbs. Its nice feeling comfortable in clothes and a swimsuit. People treat you better too. I just comeback from Aspen and boulder, I didn't notice the elevation change, When I realized that I almost screamed with joy!! it always took me so long to adjust and i spent lots of time breathing hard. I climbed Aspen mountain top is over 14,000 ft. I hiked lots of trails and now I can run with more ease. life is good. Take care
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    Hi Lori, I was thinking of you and wanted to check in and see how you and your family are doing? and say Hi. Hope you our having a great summer. This has been one of the best in a very long time
  5. LOL... I forgot I HAD a neck!! I knew I was 5'8", but I seem taller now. And my legs are longer, not just telephone poles!
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    I understand! I found out my neck is about 3 inches longer than I thought too! LOL! Or at least it seems that way.
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    Looking good!
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    Where did you have your surgery? Thinking of Mexico and was looking to see and hear of people's experience.
  9. Hi Tamera2, Thank you for the compliments. I really do think I look younger now (maybe not a whole lot, but definitely some) and I do NOT feel like I am 59. I feel great and am more 'bendy' (LOL). I can squat, bend, lean over from sitting or standing without having my gut in the way, and feel taller too for some reason (I am 5'8"). I have added strength training machines at the gym and actually wear a tank top racer back shirt without feeling like a water buffalo (so that in itself is adding a new activity to my life.) People I run into do not recognize me, which is such a victory. And yes.... get a computer so I can see your before and after pics!!
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    Congratulations Lori on your success, you look great and you our looking younger too. Have you added new activities to your life? Need to get a computer so I can post before and after pics. people don't hardly recognize me now. Do you feel has good has you look?
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    Congrads, you are doing great. I can't hardly wait til I have mines.
  12. I hope you are doing well today. All the people on here give me the courage to help myself and get a healthier life. Bless You! Mary
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    You did It!! Todays is rebirth, we say good bye to the old you and welcome the new one. You will forever be changed. Prayers sent. Will look forward to hearing from you when you get home from the hospital. Take Care my friend you'll do great.
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    I want to wish you good luck and a speedy recovery on your surgery.
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    Adkins and Muscle Milk work for me...there are probably various opinions on those but like I said...my activity level makes it work. I neglected to tell you that I make my own also with my Nutri-Ninja. Vanilla protein powder, strawberries, spinach, blueberries...heck, taste and invent your own. I also will put some protein powder in my coffee or sprinkled unflavored powder in my soup or on salads. Be creative...Skinnytaste and Pinterest helps me too. Keep up the fight and enjoy the ride!=)
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About DesertGal

Basic Information

About DesertGal
Sleeved or not sleeved:
I have had a gastric sleeve.
After many years of unsuccessful dieting and failures, and feeling as the Yo-Yo Queen of dieting, my doctor suggested the gastric sleeve. I have RA, high bp, high sugar/A1c that's elevating at every lab testing over the past 2 years, sleep apnea and fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia and a few other gems I would rather lose forever! I have the appointment with a bariatric surgeon, have already been to my 1st nutrition class and now on their diet, and see the surgeon in January (after the seminar I must attend next week). I am scared, but hopeful. It's my last resort. I'd love to see my grandkids grow up. Our insurance company has been very helpful and I found a surgeon from our provider directory that my primary care doctor said has a good reputation. So I am feeling good about it all. Here's to a BRAND NEW year in 2017!
(When I signed up, I MEANT to write DesertGal but apparently my typing was too quick and hence, the name DesrtGal. Also, my surgery date is an estimation...seeing I was told by insurance it would be about 3 months to have it done.) Hopefully it will happen in March!
Las Vegas, NV
Blogging, walking, swimming, arts and crafts, photography
Housewife and mom.
Gastric Sleeve Surgeon:
Dr. Teng
Surgery date:


Height: 5'8"
Highest Weight: 266 BMI 40.3
Day of Surgery Weight: 223 / Pre-Op nutrition diet: LOST 43 pounds
1 Month Weight: 202 (-21 lbs.) TOTAL LOST: 64 pounds
2 Month: Weight: 188 (-14 lbs.) TOTAL LOST: 78 pounds
6 Month Weight: 169 (-2) BMI: 25.7 TOTAL LOST: 97 pounds
"If you can't laugh at yourself, life's going to seem a whole lot longer."


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One Year Surgiversary!

by DesertGal on 03-25-2018 at 04:50 PM
Hello fellow sleevers and soon-to-be-sleevers! It's been a while since I have been on here.
Yesterday, March 24, 2018 was my 1st anniversary of having the sleeve surgery. What a year it has been. I lost 102 pounds by September 2017 and once I began increasing my caloric intake due to the zumba classes, jogging and walking I do faithfully each week (and honestly, I needed some carbs), I gained back a few pounds and have been holding steady. I have lost 4-5 dress sizes and am no longer the

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10 months Post Op

by DesertGal on 01-16-2018 at 07:59 PM

It's almost 10 months since surgery and I am still doing very well, sticking to my new normal.
Don't get me wrong, there are times I WANT something I normally do not eat anymore and I will give in and eat a few Town House Flatbread Crackers because I refuse to feel like I am on a diet. I know how many I can eat without going berserk and once I have a few crackers, that's it. (Unlike the OLD days where I could polish off a box in one sitting.)

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8 months out

by DesertGal on 11-21-2017 at 06:07 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! On Friday, day after thanksgiving day, will be my 8th month anniversary since surgery.

I have lost 102 and am holding steady. I am very happy with this amount lost, so if this is it... this is it and I am MORE than OK with it.

I know 'they' (surgeons/nutritionists) said that MOST of the hunger hormone -ghrelin- gets removed, but mine must have used google maps to find it's way back home to me. My appetite has increased drastically

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Another HUGE Accomplishment!

by DesertGal on 10-01-2017 at 09:57 AM

Nearly 6 Months Out From Surgery

by DesertGal on 09-20-2017 at 03:51 PM
It has been a whirlwind of a ride since March's surgery. But I began my new way of life, 3 months before when my pre-op diet began.

This 'montage' sums it all up. (You might have to highlight and right click and paste.)


Before and After Photos

Picture BEFORE 265.00 lbs. - before
Picture AFTER after - 189.00 lbs.

Member: DesertGal

Surgery date: 03/24/2017

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