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    I am sure the Fit Bit is in my future! My sister got one and loves it. Atkins shakes are OK? So far, the only one I can tolerate are the chocolate Premier Protein ready to drink ones. Everything else, I gag!
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    Thanks Alvin! I have followed everything to a T and I want to be off the bus and running. I really keep focusing on the future and trying to block this pre op diet from my head, but it's a little difficult to do. I never, ever want to see another bottle of Isopure again, when this is all said and dine.
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    You Welcome my friend, anytime. I love your saying and couldn't agree more. I'm also so happy to be active and loving it. I'm very happy with my results. I haven't been this happy in a long time. I feel so blessed for the many Blessings. Take Care
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    Wow! I can't believe how much weight you've lost and its only been 8mos.You look great. Impressive results I've lost 45lbs so far. trying to catch up my friend ��
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    Awesome! You look great!
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    Wow -- you look great!
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    Looking awesome!
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    Awesome pictures! You look great!!!
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    Wow! great photos! you look like a different person! such an amazing difference! congrats on your success!!
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    Hi Alvin, hope your having a good weekend. My husband bought me a fitbit charge 2 watch. Just got it setup. Woohoo : )Let me know what your email is or how I can add you. My [email] tleaa@comcast.net. Hope you have a good week. Tamera
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    Hi Alvin, Thanks for the nice message. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Thank you for all the great information on your diet and exercise. Sounds like you have a sence of humor. What city do you live in? I don't have a fitbit yet but will soon and i would love to have you on it has a friend. It would be so fun one day when I'm in shape to form a Hood to coast team. We could help inspire others to change there life. last year i took my grandchildren to seaside and it just happened to be during the hood to coast it was so exciting and inspiring. Hope you have a good weekend, Tamera
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    Hi Alvin, congratulations on your progress/accomplishments. you are inspirational. cant wait till i'm off restrictions and can do more than just walking. I love soccer and would love to get back on a team and maybe train for a marathon. One day i'd love to participate in Hood to coast. what is your diet like?
  13. Please unmoth your fitbit and be my fit buddy!! So here are my goals...34 inch waist---done! Body fat between 9 to 14%--not there, 300 pound bench--almost. I ran two marathons in 1990...the Capital city in Olympia and the Portland marathon. Awesome experiences but daunting tasks. Now my goals are one 10k a month...sprinkled in with some fun 5k runs. I'm around 213 pds so I'm still a heavier runner. A half-marathon is definitely in the cards maybe around November--ish sometime after HS soccer season is done. When I introduced myself to the team in Feb...I weighed 351. The girls freak out every time they see me...and I tell them that summer training is gonna be he'll to pay!!!hahaha....I so figgin excited! Ok...I worked all day, got my run in tonite and am going home. I'll be in touch...keep working hard and it's awesome you got hubby in the mix. My wife is fit and super supportI've also. We are blessed my friend. Fit and fast rules!!!!xoxoAlvin
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    Hey Alvin. Yes!! Day 2 was amazing. I have a Fitbit somewhere but actually use my Polar watch. Maybe if I find it I'll start using it again. LOL! 230000 steps!! You rock. You got any race goals? Mine is to run a half marathon by December! So far I really am enjoying the running endorphins!! Yes. Definitely checking in.
  15. Started Monday buddy. My schedule is funky so I gotta get organized quick. Most of my running will be indoors until spring. Yesterday was Day two...plus I had 90 minutes of soccer in the evening and ran the whole time. 23,000 fitbit steps and a buttload of burned up calories. A hot bath and I felt amazing going to sleep last night=) Lets keep checking in and if you ever get a fitbit, you can link up with me so we can encourage each other through the app.....Alvin
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NotoriousBigs 5 months post-op and some thoughts....

by Notoriousbig on 12-17-2016 at 09:08 PM
I don't weigh myself anymore...for me it's a no brainer. I have jeans and a mirror to monitor my weight. A lifestyle change for me means just that...was a slave to the scale for years. Not anymore. My waist went from about 54 to about 34/35 now...I'm good with that=}. I read posts about stalls, set backs, etc. Besides the serious medical issues...most posts I read about focuses on food. As an obese person, our lives revolved around food....still does. I pack my food everyday, I test what I can eat...everyday,

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NB's four month check-in...

by Notoriousbig on 10-18-2016 at 04:03 PM
Hello All, I got sleeved on July 13th, 2016. I will never, ever forget that date cause it changed my life forever. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about my sleeve. Some days, when I take a couple of big gulps of water after working out and "forget" that I can't do that...or eating something...anything and feeling it enter my sleeve and waiting for it to exit. Trying to gauge whether I'm full or not. My particular weird phenomena of eating something like chicken or oatmeal...something

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