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    14! That's so awesome! You go girl!
  2. Down to a 14 now!
  3. From a 26 to a 16! 112 pounds lost! Happy Mothers Day to me!!����������������❤��❣����
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    Thanks!! You are rocking it too!! You are almost to 100 lbs total weight loss!! That is freaking awesome!!! You should be so proud of yourself. Yes I am very close to goal. Creeping a little closer each week. I am pretty sure these last 19 pounds are going to be the hardest and take longer but I am ok with that because I am sure I will get there. Slow and steady!
  5. Today I weighed in at 70 pounds less than my surgery weight and 96 pounds less than my pre-journey weight. I am so excited! Everyone who sees me is flabbergasted and I'm loving it!
    My doctor (primary physician) didn't think I could reach my goal of 160 with a sleeve and really wanted me to get a bypass. I am so happy that I did what I wanted. If I don't reach 160, I'll be OK. However, I don't see any reason I won't meet it. Summer is just around the corner and I will be super active.
    My husband is being deployed in July and I am hoping I can really surprise him with my new body when he gets home. If I end up needing a tummy tuck, then I plan on doing it while he is gone.
    Life is good!
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    How did you like Dr Marcello Hernandez, the hospital and hotel? Did anyone accompany you? I am having mine done 3/3 and getting nervous. Reading about a few people with complications.
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    How did you like Dr Marcello Hernandez, the hospital and hotel? Any recommendations? I am scheduled for 3/3.
  8. As of today I have lost 84 pounds. Surgery was Nov 9th.
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    How much have you lost total to date?
  10. I am doing amazing well. My family doctor had wanted me to get the bypass, but I had read about so many possible complications I stuck to my guns and got the sleeve. She didn't think I could even lose this much weight let alone reach my goal. I plan to prove her wrong. She will be plesantly surprised at my next appointment on Monday.
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    Wow you look Great!!! you have taken years off your face, amazing. Love your quote. You are such an inspiration. Can't get over the pace your looseing. Amazing : )
  12. I am having great success. I hope you do as well. Keep in mind you will never eat the same again. I am now 3 months post op and can only eat a few bites, 2 -3 times a day. You also cannot eat and drink during the same meal. You can eventually drink more than a tiny sip, but at first a tiny sip is all you can do.
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    Hi, I'm new here and I just booked surgery for April 18th with the same doctor you used. I just wanted to "friend" some people who used the same surgeon to help me feel better about my choice.
  14. Lisa, I know what you mean about your knees allowing it. For me it's also my feet, but I'm walking now and that will have to do.
  15. Thank you TarotAces. I would love to know what's behind that id!
    Tomorrow is weigh in day for me, but tonight I'm going to measure. I haven't done that since I started thus journey.
    I am post menopausal, so I don't have that problem, but I do retain water. The doctor put me on a water pull and I can tell the difference in my feet. They are chubby suckers!
    I want to vent tonight. I watched a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies over the holidays. It's too cold to be outside and I could build a fire and watch a movie. I love movies! I noticed that every other commercial is about food! HUGE meals, platters actually! And it's so hard to watch those commercials and not want to eat some. Thank God this surgery has kept me from eating those HUGE meals. It doesn't stop me from wanting to eat them.
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People are noticing

by Fatbgone on 01-15-2017 at 10:10 PM
I get tickled when people tell me how thin I look.
I want to laugh! 250 pounds is not thin. What are they going to say when I am down to my goal. A few have been worried I might be sick, but mostly nice comments at this time.
I have not shared I had surgery with everyone. I don't feel the need to share thst. I almost wish I hadn't told anyone. I am losing weight because I am eating very little and exercising. It's true. Surgery does not change that.

When do you start to eat more that 1 or 2 bites of food.

by Fatbgone on 01-01-2017 at 07:23 PM
I'm 7, almost 8 weeks post surgery and expected to be able to eat more by this time. I'm not in love with prote in shakes and would like to start eating food.
I can take a bite or 2, but then I feel it.
Is this normal? Should I go see my doctor again?
The discomfort subsides when the food digest, but it sucks until then.
I am trying to not eat and drink together.
The plus side of this is that I'm losing weight and that was the goal. I just want to know if this

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I'm stuck

by Fatbgone on 12-19-2016 at 12:58 PM
My weight is stuck, but I feel like I'm still losing weight. I guess I need to stop watching the scale.
I still can't eat much in the way of real food. For now I am living off the nutrients I get from items I drink and popsicles. I did not know how good they can be.
I think I want too much too fast. I want the weight to vanish and I want to be able to eat. I was hoping I could eat part of Christmas dinner, but it looks like I'll be observing from a far.

At what point

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1 month post-op and I still can barely eat anything

by Fatbgone on 12-10-2016 at 06:35 PM
What can I eat? It seems like I throw up everything I try to eat. What have you found that was easy on the stomache?
On the positive side I was down 26 pounds before surgery and now I'm down another 26. Who-hoo!

Post surgery

by Fatbgone on 11-12-2016 at 06:01 PM
I had my surgery on the 9th. It went much better than expected. I am currently concerned that I might become dehydrated because I don't think I'm getting enough.liquids in. I realize it's early in recovery, but I can tell this is going to work. I don't see how people gain their weight back or don't lose it with a sleeve. That seems impossible.
I haven't set a weight goal, but I have set a size goal.
I am currently a size 22. By Christmas I want to be a size 18-20. I think I can

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