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    Thank you
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    Looking awesome!
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    You look absolutely fabulous. Great job on your journey
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    Your before and after pic is awesome.
    You should be so proud!!
    I'm at a stand still right now and trying to stay focused on my task. Have lost 104 pounds and am just about 1 year out from surgery. I was told to increase my calories to 1200, but I'm afraid I'll start gaining. So, I'm attempting to really focus on protein first and foremost. Any words of wisdom for me? I'm fluctuating at about 206 - 208 now and started at 310. Haven't lost more than a pound or two the last month. Thanks for any words of advice. You keep it going - so proud of you. Romandona
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    Wow! Totally loving your transformation photos! Thanks for sharing it's inspiring!

    Wishing you continued successes in your journey!
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    Love your before and after pics! Totally adorable!
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    Wow! great photos! just amazing transformation!!
    what kind of exercise do you do and how often? I'm finally completely out of the wood with my multiple injuries and trying to figure out what to do besides walking and weight training...
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    Thanks for the edamame referral..

    My daughter was already a fan of it, but I didn't know. Had it for dinner today, really great sub for crummy ole flour pasta. I only felt a tad bit guilty for all the carbs, but felt good for all the fiber and protein.

    I made the sauce with ground turkey, cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese, lots of onions and 2 jars of Prego, and spices of course. So there was protein in the sauce, too!
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    Hey so I'm hoping to get some advice on foods you tried 30 days post op. I seem to be hungry for real food, but I am still on 80% on protein shakes and when I try to eat, it is just not appealing. I made a simple (w lit spice) guacamole today and it tasted bland and it kind of grossed me out. Chicken or tuna salad do not appeal either and after a tablespoon my stomach starts hurting, not painful but it feels some sort of way. Yesterday I bought seaweed snacks, I seem to enjoy that salty crunch. I also bought fresh mozzarella single serving packets at Costco that pack 5g of protein, and I seem to be doing well on those. Did you have similar reaction to real food??? My dietician said its okay to stay on protein shakes for as long as I want, it's not that I want to, it's just that eating is grossing me out even though I want to eat badly.
  10. I still drink an occasional protein drink; some protein rich foods are still too dense for me to eat much of, and because I weight lift I need 100 grams of protein; at this stage it's hard to eat enough food to get 100g of protein. Sometimes a protein shake is just easier, especially since I really don't ever really feel like eating. But I do eat! Water also tastes stale to me since surgery, & with the protein concentrates I get some protein AND it tastes good.

    I was told a few weeks ago I could start introducing solid foods into my diet; I have to go slow while I try new things to see what I can eat easily now & what will take a little longer before I can eat it regularly. Beef jerky? No issues. Ground beef/turkey? Not so much. Poached egg? Totally. Diced hard boiled egg? Not yet! It's weird. I just have to listen to my body.

    Typically I'll have egg whites & turkey sausage for breakfast, 1/2 shake for a snack, sliced turkey and a baby bel or some nuts for lunch, the rest of the shake for a snack, 2-3oz of roast chicken and a bit of roasted sweet potato or asparagus at dinner, and 8oz of Nonfat Fairlife milk with a slice of apple before bed (with a tsp. of reduced fat PB if I'm way too low on calories). I'm supposed to be at 600-800 calories too, but I haven't been able to get up to that range but 5-6 times in as many weeks. I'm a work in progress I guess, but my surgeon is happy with my progress! I know I'm not that far out from surgery, but ask me anything you'd like.
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    Thanks for replying to my blog post about protein shakes. I see that you had your surgery in December. Are you still drinking protein drinks? I thought that protein drinks were just during the liquid phase. I'm still new to this so I don't really know what I'm in for. I thought you were supposed to get all your proteins from natural food after the liquid phase.
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