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    Can't wait to hear about your DEXA results!!!
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    Pam, where did you learn about KETO? Honestly, I have been reading different sources and it just doesn't make sense. What did a week of eating keto look like for you???

    Did you prepare meals ahead?

    I have several nonsleeved friends that follow, but I feel some sort of way asking them.
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    Soo happy for you! You are looking great, and happy.

    Way to go girl!
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    Love your new photo! Looking awesome!
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    Well, whether you lose those last 10lbs or not, you look GREAT!
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    Wow Pam!!! You're looking GREAT!!!
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    Hey Pam, my discipline will be in Social Work with a focus in public policy and organizational development. I applied for a dual-degree MSW/MPA program so I am still waiting to hear from USC's Price School of Public Policy. If I only get-in in one there is a great possibility that I will apply to change it into a doctorate program so I can still pursue my academic/career goals.
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    Hi Pam, hope all ok at your end, just wanted to ask why you are avoiding fruit, I had a homemade pancake the other day at my friends house with fresh fruit salad, tiny tea spoon of whipped cream, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom feeling like rubbish, very tired and washed out, probably the carbs in the pancake but then I remembered what you said about fruit, its the most fruit I have eaten since surgery, sadly this week hasn't been good for the head hunger, never feel full, had some crisps as well which isn't a great thing to do for me. I had the barium meal and allis well in that department, they are trying to decide if a camera investigation is needed, I can tell them its not needed, I feel like I am eating all the time, again a big no no for me, I think I need a councillor. let me know how you are doing
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    You and your ticker updates >< LOL! too cute!
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    Strange to be the only girl in the photo and no tutu..lol
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    lol or did you think I was one of the male body builders
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    Hi Pam,

    My photos posted are me.
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    ✨Happy New Year, PamG!✨

    All things considered, all is going well. Maybe Holiday eating was a little out of control these last few days. I was so committed to logging my foods, and it's becoming such a chore :-/ I guess that is how bad habits creep back in. I am starting to log again. Can't decide if I want to renew my LoseIt membership or start a new log with Fooducate which gives more micronutrients insight. Better decide soon before I get too lazy.

    I haven't used my laptop since I submitted my graduate applications and that's why I haven't updated my signature. I am not sure how much weight I lost in monthiversary 6th and 7th since I didn't weight in exactly on those dates, but I'm happy that I have continued to lose! Firstly because my size 12's started to feel loose, and last week my weight was down 13lbs despite traveling and Holidays.

    How are you? What's going on in your journey?
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    Hey Pam, you look bloody amazing, 20years younger, please be proud of yourself, you deserve it, I don know you except on here and I am very proud of all us may sleeved, we have all done remarkably well. How are you in yourself, I still find it hard to eat much of anything and my diet is very boring, I think I should start cooking properly again and just have a little,'is it normal to still have massive restriction, literally 2/3 of an activist pot and I am done, protein shakes make me feel sick, always have, I have lost just over 100lbs and gone from a size 28/30 (uk) to a 16 bottom and a 18 top, I am lo ing the January sales, my feet have shrunk by a sizes and a half, I need to get new glasses as they fall off my face. I am now ready to put me in a swimming costume, my kids can't wait. I look forward to hearing more about your progress. BE PROUD
  15. Thanks Cherub. I'm not quite at the proud stage yet. Still more lbs to lose.

    I think I'll be proud if I can maintain it...that's the real challenge.
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10 w: 225. 8/6
12: 222. 8/19
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20: 205 10/14
22: 199.4 10/30 2nd goal
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to Shirl

by Pam G on 06-21-2017 at 02:07 PM
for some reason, the site won't let me answer your question to me, so here's my answer:

I learned about Keto by just googling and being on one of the keto fb pages. there's guy that is a keto guru, Ben McDonald, that does very informative podcasts, here's the first one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX4r6fHy1bc

there's a couple of women on here that do the LCHF lifestyle, too.

It means no fruits/nuts or carbs of any kind....even the good ones (at least for

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can blogs be edited once they're posted?

by Pam G on 06-19-2017 at 02:02 PM
can blogs be edited once they're posted?

Just putting this here to save it

by Pam G on 05-27-2017 at 08:06 PM

HW: 275
PreOp: 268 5/12/16

SW: 258. 5/27/2016
10 w: 225. 8/6 (1st Goal)
12 w: 222. 8/19
14 w: 216. 9/2
16 w: 215 9/16
20 w: 205 10/14
22 w: 199.4 10/30 (2nd goal)
24 w: 196 11/11
6 mo: 191 11/27
28 w: 193 12/9
32 w: 184 1/6/17
36 w: 180 2/3/17 (Original

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by Pam G on 12-18-2016 at 02:11 PM
I've officially shed 78 lbs.

Today is the first time I'm actually feeling.....normal. Not quite "thin", but no longer obese.

I tossed my last pair of big undies today cause I found myself trying to stuff them into my jeans and it was uncomfortable having my panties in a bunch...(ha, see what I did there?)

I've gone from an 11 to a 9 in undies. From 2xl to L in scrubs. And I bought a pair of men's jeans in a 32x32 cause my legs and butt are

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Staff Thanksgiving Potluck

by Pam G on 11-21-2016 at 11:15 AM
Staff Thanksgiving Potluck today! I did pretty good. Didn't sample everything, but took only the things I really like and just a tiny bit. Ham, dressing, squash, gr bean cass, mac n cheese. And just bites of dessert: punkin pie, apple pie...didn't try anything that wasn't homemade. Snagged a piece of choco-flan cake for later today.

Carbs be damned!

And finally....someone brought Coke Zero!!! Every year, there are no sugar free drinks.

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