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    Hi there, I'm still stumbling around this forum, but finally found your name and wanted to thank you for the information and email addy. I sincerely appreciate it.
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    Hi Tinman, I sent you a couple of PMs, did you get them? I just had some questions and your answers are always so thorough...Thanks
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    Congratulations Tinman on your success. It is just Awesome. I had the same surgeon as you. They gave us instructions for the first 6 weeks. Trying to plan ahead. I have a couple weeks till I'm at six wks. I was wondering how long you waited before doing heavy lifting or ab work. It seems it takes longer than six weeks to completely heal. I know everyone heals differently, just don't know how to tell when we are completely healed. Also how long did that hungry/gurgling sensation last? I would appreciate any input,Tamera
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    Thank you for commenting on my post about what diet to follow. You said exactly what I needed to hear at this point, I was starting to second guess my decision, I want to still enjoy my favorite foods from time to time. If I remember correctly Dolly Parton said she still ate her favorite foods and lost weight, she just kept the portions low. Appreciate your input!
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    You're very welcome for the compliments! I love your enthusiasm! I'm a big girl myself 5'9' and big boned. I have never been thin in my adult life, so I have no idea what my ideal weight should be. I'm just going to aim high and add 20 pounds, then I can feel really good when I surpass my goal weight! lol
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    Thank you for your posts, advice, and encouragement! I'm going to the same place you did with a different doctor, same deal though. You look great by the way! How tall are you, if I may ask? You look like a big guy!
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    Hi tinman,
    I've read your posts for over a year now, I even get notifications in my email when you've posted lol, I kinda feel like a stalker . Anyway, I'm not quite sure where to start, I posted to the main board early this morning looking for some help.
    I'm 15 months out VSG and I've done pretty well so far. I'm down about 111 lbs from my highest weight but only about 80 from surgery and only 15 or so in the past 6-8 mo this. I have 25 or so more lbs to go and it feels like my body thinks I'm in maintenance and just won't let the last lbs go.

    Please, help!
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    Love reading your posts. My surgery date is 8-2 with Dr Almanza. It's exciting to hear your continued success with a no nonscence approach. How did you like Dr Almanza? And the facility ?
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    I'm so glad I found your profile. Something that the nutritionist keeps driving home and I absolutely do not agree with is low fat. I'm baffled by this "you must eat everything low fat" story. Have these nutritionists looked at what is in low fat foods compared to their full fat counterparts? Low fat products are loaded with chemicals, flavourants, sugar and general junk, to make it taste good. Why would they tell people who have had major surgery, to feed themselves chemicals like that??
    Anyway, can't wait to read more of your posts!
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    Tin Man, You are the Man. I would love for you to be a published author in my Multi-Author book, you give so much great advice and we all look to you for encouragement and support. You got Fan's Man...please in box me so that I can give you my information you "Rock" So hard and should consider being a voice for the "Sleeve Community" Love You Tin man for definitely your "big heart" and smile....love your Sister Seniorita Lolita....in Cali...
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    Tinman ,I live close to the beltway and 59 by the big airport ,I thought I read that you have a support group ? I'm interested can ya give me some info . Thanks
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    Percentage of protein/fat/carbs. I'm overcomplicating things I really want to just be able to eat what I need to eat and not pay attention to head hunger. But I'm still pretty new at this, so I'm still obsessing. I only know that at under 1,000 calories a day, I stall. Thanks for the voice of reason.
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    I'm curious - do you have a rough idea of your macro ratios? I just bumped up to 1,000 or more a day to break a stall, and it's helping. Thank you for reminding me that the point of this was to NOT spend the rest of my life obsessing about my eating
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    Hey there you always seem to have a lot of good advice. I am 2 years out and 30 lbs under my goal weight and Dr. wants me to put on 20 lbs as I only weigh 100 now. Can you give some advice on how to do that when I still can't eat much? I eat/drink anything I want just not much of it maybe 3-4 ozs at a time. I can eat one slice of pizza now yay me!!!! Just need to gain about 20 back.....never thought I would ever say that!!!!
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    Hello, I just wanted to let you know, I saw your pics and cld nor believe how well u look, you know sometimes some of us lose weight and look a little sick- lol but you look healthy anyway. Big congrats that is awesome!
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