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    Hey. sandra !! I feel bad - its been a long time ! Im doing fantastic. Single now and its manic dating again or going out with mates ! I love dancing - legs lost loads of weight. Im 175 now - was 335 - so thats 160 loss !! Gonna try do a blog over the weekend with piccies ! Hope you are good ! Take care for now xx
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    Thanks Sandra! Yeah, my midsection is where my weight always went. I looked perpetually 12 months pregnant! LOL!
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    Good to know. I get worried about my friends.
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    I forgot you were going on vacation. LOL. So I missed your posts. Glad you had a great trip!
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    Where have you been? Is everything good with you? Miss you!
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    Sandra, thank you much for your personal response. I started taking the Arnicare "Arthritis" tabs this past Saturday, not sure if psychosomatic but I believe I am starting to see some slight improvements. Going to continue to see how it progresses. I have a doc and nut appointment on 3/31 so going to discuss more with them regarding what is an acceptable way for me to add the tumeric into my diet. Like you said, maybe as simple as adding as a spice. My sleeve has not given me any problems so far with spicier foods that I love. Thank you again for your response and have a great week.
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    Thanks for your reply, I am already in touch with other surgeons. My health, except for managed high blood pressure is quite good irregardless of my weight. This is the very reason I did not get extreme about loosing the weight. I'm just too big now to move about comfortably and I am raising a special needs grandchild. I need to live longer and be happy.
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    I don't know why I was denied. I questioned the denial and after a few lame excuses I was told they would talk to the Dr. and get back to me tomorrow. My heart is on the ground
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    Hi thanks for welcoming me and any new friends are greatly appreciated
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    Hi Sandra3, thank you for your "welcome". I'm in awe of your courage as I stand at the very beginning of my new life. I have made the decision to have the sleeve. I am waiting on tender hooks to see if I will be accepted as a candidate. Best of luck to you on your journey!
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    Thank you
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    Thanks a ton S3! I feel like a different person and folks who haven't seen me for a while have no clue initially who I am. Pretty damn funny at times. I'm working hard and appreciating myself for the first time in a while. Thank you for the compliment....Al
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    Thanks Sandra3
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    Thank you! I am very happy with my progress so far!
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    Thanks! First 100 lbs. down. The photos show -70 lbs. as I lost 30 prior to the procedure. I wish I had taken pics when I first started, but I'm excited about my progress and am sticking with it!
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I have had a gastric sleeve.
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HW : 150 kgs
09/02/2014 : 142 kgs 1st apt surgeon
01/20/2016 : 134 kgs surgery
01/30/2016 : 130 kgs 1st post-op
02/27/2016 : 126 kgs 2nd post-op
04/23/2016 : 118 kgs 3rd post-op
07/16/2016 : 109 kgs 4th post-op
10/01/2016 : 103 kgs 5th post-op
01/21/2017 : 98 kgs 1 year post-op
February 2017 : 100 pounds lost in my sleeve journey!
07/22/2017 :


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What to wear...

by Sandra3 on 07-11-2017 at 12:51 AM
We have an official function in about three days and looking at my closets, I'm seriously running out of "formal clothing". I mean I still have Summer suits I could wear but that's just a few and I'm wearing always the same thing lately (in between two sizes) and realized that many long dresses are too big now so I can't even wear those plus most are just not for the right season (that season called sauna).

I should be happy because lots of stuff are baggy, instead I just

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What the health

by Sandra3 on 07-04-2017 at 05:56 AM
Watching the documentary "What the health" on Netflix....I don't know what we should eat anymore!!!
If even cheese, eggs, fish, milk are bad....not much left...

The cheeseburger law??what the heck!!

Let me know what you think if you have time to watch it...it's very disturbing..

17 months : between flash flood and card boxes

by Sandra3 on 06-20-2017 at 04:46 AM
I'm still really puffy from my weird allergy last week. My face is still a little swollen on one side but I'm probably the only one noticing. I'm still two pounds up...I lost only half of what I gained with the medication...not a big deal but those medications do save our lifes but ...this is toxic for real...

On an other subject, I felt really home sick since Friday...which is really unusual for me..I mean..."home" is France or the US...or at least where people understand

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Allergic reaction...and weight gain again!

by Sandra3 on 06-13-2017 at 10:01 PM
Live and learn...

On Monday I was happy that our supermarket got a new container delivered (imported food) so I went there during lunch to get our basics before it was all gone.

Since I didn't have time to have a proper lunch I just had a slice of cheese and started to feel really sick in seconds, blisters on my lips, mouth swelling, stomach pain etc. I took immediatly an antihistaminic medication (twice), and was happy the allergy symtoms stopped before it became really

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16 months : 100 gr at a time

by Sandra3 on 05-31-2017 at 10:09 PM
Hello friends!

Those busy last weeks didn't let me much time to read you or post, but I'm still there thinking about you all!

My weight is still going down little by little, currently losing 100gr per week. It's one pound per month, not much and I can see that even if I walk a lot (10 km per day for 3 days this week) it doesn't really change the result at the end. Because there's a few weeks here and there where I lose nothing at all so one pound per month is the average

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