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MAY 2015 Sleevers-- who has gone already?

  1. tnkrrbl
    Inquiring minds want to know......

    How are you doing... May 2015 Sleevers
  2. tddani4s
    I am great, the first day was a little rough because I had pain caused by gas, but other than that everything is good thus far. I am not hungry at all. I often have to remind myself to continue to drink throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  3. mamsinator
    Where is everyone? May sleevers? My surgery was May 5th I am feeling great - working out, getting in my water, protein and vitamins. I am down 39 lbs.
    I have been stuck there for awhile and I am trying to break the stall.
    I am very happy I had the surgery and I know I will start loosing again.
    How is everyone else doing?
    the mams
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