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Awaiting Surgery Date

  1. 2sexii4misize
    Hello, I've finished all my insurance requirements and the coordinator has requested approval from insurance company, United Health, for anticipated surgery date of February 20th. I sure hope it's approved. She said I should hear something in 15 days (5 days ago). If it is approved, I'll begin my pre-op diet on Feb 6th. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time! I've been on here reading others' success stories and life after and just hoping that I will be ok too. Anyway, I'm glad to see at least one other person who will be having surgery in Shreveport, LA with Dr. Merriman. Good Luck!
  2. Mbaker
    So exciting!!! Hopefully we can stay in touch and keep each other on the right track!!! I wish you the best of luck and cross my fingers for your insurance. We had to appeal mine (BCBS), but I've heard United is better!!!! Mine was originally scheduled for Monday, Feb. 20th too!!! That's so funny. It got moved to Friday, Feb. 10th though!!! Good luck to ya and keep me posted!!!!
  3. Mbaker
    Hey!!! Hope all is well with ya!!! My surgery is in two days (the 10th). My, I cannot believe how time has flown!!!! Getting nervous!!! Just wondering if your date has been set. Keep me posted and have a sparkly day!!!
  4. 2sexii4misize
    Hey, Congrats on your surgery date. Sorry I hadn't logged in to post yet. I pray that all went well for you on the 10th. Let me know how it went whenever you feel up to it.
    I got a phone call today from my insurance company - I've been approved!!! YAY me! I'm super excited. The rep told me to call my doctor's office for my next steps. I know I still have to get an EGD and the EMMI online course.
  5. Mbaker
    Hey!!! Surgery went awesome!!! Super nice nurses. Surgery on Friday, home Monday!!!! Si it's been 11 days and total loss of 26 lbs, including what I lost the week prior to surgery!!!!! First post-op is Thursday!!! Have u gotten ur date yet? Good luck to ya!!! Keep in touch!!!! (8
  6. 2sexii4misize
    Yes, my surgery date is 3/9/12, next Friday...I'm still struggling with the 2-wk liquid diet, although it's been 7 days today. So, i'm excited about that. I just keep thinking i don't have long to go now. I've gotten all my pre-op stuff out of the way so I won't have to do anything else Friday morning. I'm glad all went well with you. i wish you must continued success!!!
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