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Operation McSkinny Jeans

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Day 2 Post-op

I'm still feeling pretty good in the first part of day but by noon, or so, the PAIN from the actual surgery begins to rear its ugly head. Getting up, getting down and walking around H-U-R-T!! I have to break down and fill that script for narcotics. And,.. nausea medication. I believe the nausea, for me, is caused by having to use multiple medications, most notably a narcotic. Until I began hydrocodone this day, I've not experienced nausea.

I'm in so much pain that I do not get up and walk more than twice and both times was one trip around the house and back. Laying down and using a heating pad on my abdomen brings almost immediate relief.

I'm in so much pain I wonder if something is wrong.

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  1. elle77's Avatar
    I had severe pain in the beginning. It was a combo of things. Nausea, major heartburn, gas, acid reflux, not taking my pain meds because everything else was making me sick. Bottom line is you have to do it. If you don't take your pain medication it's going to get worse. I'm surprised they let you leave without filling it. Can you send someone for you? Take care of YOU. It will all get better I promise. All the pain eventually goes away.
  2. elle77's Avatar
    Whoops just saw the date. Glad everything is getting better now.