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  1. I'm sending you a private message.
  2. Omg Christie13 I had a horrible experience. First my surgery was delayed 1 hour and then I go in and apparently my liver was inflamed and swollen. The doctor proceeded to do my sleeve and then remove my gallbladder then he was going to repair my hernia be split my liver. It freaked him out so he packed my liver and closed me up. So no repair on the hernia. He told my mother I'm so small I'm like a compact car that it was hard to move thing around. The hospital I was in was the worst 20 mins before nurses would come. I got released Thursday evening with no pain pills no meds. The gas pain is the worst my throats is so sore and I started my period and I'm bleeding so heavy and they are telling me this is all expected. I'm so thankful each day is getting somewhat better but I am concerned about the liver and Heavy bleeding
  3. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Reach out if you need any support!! Hugs!
  4. Hi and welcome!! Yes I was just a little less than you in the beginning. I started at 207 so we're right there. And I totally get it. I started lower but I'm a lot shorter than most people. But my BMI was almost 42 when I was at 207. When is your surgery? It's totally the best gift I could've given myself. PM me if you have any questions. I know I had a ton!
  5. Hi Christie13
    I was so excited to see you were another shorter woman having surgery. Im 4"11 as well and most of the people I see are a lot taller and weigh so much more. It is so nice to have someone to relate too.
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