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  1. How are things going?
  2. So far it is going great!! I feel so invigorated after my run. The first week I was sore but it seems that this week the soreness is gone. My week 2 day 3 is tomorrow. Remember that you can redo any days you need to. I know that I had to do that the first time around. It doesn't prevent you from progressing in your abilities!! I am so happy and proud of you for embarking on this journey with me!!!
  3. My first day was rough! Kind of expected it since I've never been a jogger or runner. I wasn't able to finish the program the first day. But I'm going to keep on trying. I was sick for a few days but I'm getting back into it now. Trying to go to gym at least 4-5 days a week now. How are you doing with the program?
  4. How's your exercise going?
  5. Hello doll! Completed my first day of C25K. It was amazing. Wrote a blog about it. What day are you starting yours?? Happy New Year!!
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