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  1. Hey I see you're doing fantastic!! WTG! I feel very good too! I like my new size of 12P..and that size is feeling loose. I have accomplished what I wanted to do, be healthier before I retire ( 9 months!!). I am enjoying the journey! HUGS!
  2. You are so close to goal Leslie!! That is awesome!!
  3. That rumbly hungry feeling is actually a form of acid reflux that is very common after this surgery. You should ask your doctor for an H2 blocker or PPI (proton pump inhibitor) to help with that reflux if it gets worse. And most likely it will. It will give you a sense of false hunger pangs. It is not like the reflux you would feel prior to surgery so it confuses a lot of people. I was the same way, up and walking a lot. The damn IV stand I had to drag down the hall was so annoying. LOL. And since my hospital floor was not only WLS patients I am sure that they were so annoyed with hearing it. Hell I was and I was attached to it! I did not have much pain either. I went back to work exactly a week after surgery and I was fine but I have a desk job. It gets easier and easier. I did eat creamed soups made with skim milk during my liquids only phase (2 weeks post op) because my body was craving savory not sweet. So I had those and broth and at least 1 shake a day. When you go to solids it is a game changer because you can literally eat only 2 bites. Do it slowly. Because if you do it quickly you will take 3 or 4 and then realize once it is too late that you overdid it. And it does not feel good. You will feel sick and uncomfortable. Luckily I did not get sick but a lot of people do. So glad to hear your recovery is going so well!!
  4. Surgery went well. I was told I was the star patient. I was up and walking 2am.4am damn all the time!! LOL One thing I have a question about is that the first night I had a starving feeling. The hunger feeling seems to be going away.Maybe I have it mixed up with a rumbly tummy,. Other wise day 4 barely any pain
  5. Good luck on your surgery in 2 days. Hope your recovery is smooth. If you have any questions or just want to chat, reach out. Congrats!!
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