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  1. Thanks so much dear, me too...
  2. Thank goodness!!! I know it has been terrible for you. Hoping that this will be over soon and you can start enjoying life again. Big hugs!
  3. Thank you sweetie, I think I'll be healed this time. The surgeon said I had two leaks originally and one was healed all the way and the other was 90%, so I think I'll be healed all the way on the 8th.
  4. Thank you ma'am...
  5. I just want you to know I am really pulling for you. Prayers and virtual hugs your way.
  6. Hope things are getting a little better and easier. Hugs!
  7. Glad to hear everything well and the cold is getting better.
  8. Surgery went well, but I caught a terrible cold on the way home, doing better now, thanks for thinking of me
  9. How is it going since surgery??
  10. LISAAAAAAA!!!!! How do you feel? Hope everything went well and you are up and about! Big hugs!
  11. Awesome! Such an exciting time!!
  12. Thank you so much honey! We are at the airport waiting for the driver to come pick us up! So far so good, I'll keep you posted!
  13. Lisa!!! Your day has come!! So exciting! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Big hugs!! Keep me posted on how it goes!
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